Mistakes to Avoid After an Arlington Truck Accident

There are several mistakes that individuals tend to make in Fort Worth after being involved in a truck accident. The most common mistakes include failure to call the police, admitting fault, and refusing medical treatment. Another common mistake is speaking to insurance companies without consulting with an experienced truck accident attorney first. Insurance adjusters representing the trucking company will try to contact a person after the crash and ask them for a statement. A person should never speak to any insurance adjuster for the trucking company before consulting with an attorney. The insurance adjuster’s job is to serve their employer’s interests, not the claimant’s. The only reason they want a statement is to minimize their liability and to build a defense against the person and their claim.

These common mistakes can severely impact an individual’s case and their eligibility to recover compensation for damages. It is best to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about what to do following a crash and mistakes to avoid after an Arlington truck accident.

Common Mistakes Following a Truck Crash

One of the most common mistakes people make following an Arlington truck accident is failing to contact the police. Mistake number one is not calling the police. Calling the police should be the first thing you do after any trucking accident. A police report gives an official record of a crash and the circumstances by an impartial third party. This documentation is essential for legal and insurance purposes.

Not Collecting Enough Information

The second mistake to avoid after an Arlington truck accident is not collecting enough information at the scene. After a trucking accident, a person should get vital information regarding the name of the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, and the insurance company that insures the truck. If they are able, they should take pictures of the scene. That is extremely helpful. Take pictures of all the vehicles involved with the crash from as many angles as possible and take notes of the conditions at the scene of the wreck.

Also, take pictures of the occupants of the vehicles involved in the crash, their injuries, and any bystanders. These photos can be critical in reconstructing the accident scene and defining important witnesses later on. A person should collect information from any witnesses as well.

Admitting Fault

Mistake number three is admitting fault. A trucking accident is a traumatic event that can put people in a heightened emotional state. This can lead them to apologizing for the accident or admitting fault even if this is not the truth. A person should resist any urge to comment on who is at fault for the accident. They should stick to the objective facts of the collision when giving a statement to the police.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Another mistake to avoid after an Arlington truck accident is not seeking medical treatment. Even if a person does not think they are seriously injured, it is important to visit a medical professional afterward to receive a full examination. Health-related complications from a crash can start to manifest days, weeks, or even months after the initial wreck. They should let a medical professional determine their physical health after an accident and make a record of any injuries, conditions, or complications that may have been related to crash.

Posting on Social Media

Posting about the accident on websites or social media can also be a mistake following a crash. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys will look through a person’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media accounts, as well as anything they put on the vlogs or webpages. People should keep this in mind and remember that any statements made about the accident could have legal consequences later on. It is best to keep information about the crash private and avoid the impulse to share details online.

The Impact of Recorded Statements

Giving a recorded statement before you have consulted with a personal injury lawyer may harm a case. Any misstatement about the facts of how the accident happened or the extent of the injuries will later be used against the person to reduce their recovery or damages. The insurance company may say they need someone to answer a few questions or to affirm about liability. Do not fall for these traps. They are looking for a recorded statement that the other person’s insurance can use to avoid paying the injured person the money that you deserve.

This is why a person should not give a recorded statement concerning a motor vehicle accident to anyone without the advice of an attorney. Be firm and polite when denying their request. Always remember they only represent the insurance company’s interests, not the claimant’s.

Insurance Company Settlements

In some cases, insurance companies will send a person a check for the damages they feel the person is entitled to receive, which may or not have been honestly assessed to compensate a person for their losses. It is a mistake to cash the check. Once it is cashed, the person more or less accepts the offer as a stand for the check.

An adjuster has the authority to settle a claim within a certain dollar amount. Adjusters typically play the lowball game and try to settle for as little as possible to save the liable insurance company money. That is why it is so important to hire an attorney who is experienced in negotiating personal injury and property damage. Insurance companies deal with claims differently when the affected party is hired legal representation versus a claimant going at it alone.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Waiting too long to contact an attorney can severely impact a case. After a trucking accident, a person may be dazed and emotionally drained and not to mention injured. Meanwhile, representatives for the insurance and trucking companies are already mobilizing together information that will help their case and defeat potential personal injury claims. The first thing a person should do after filing a police report and receiving medical treatment is to contact an experienced trucking accident attorney. They can use their investigation skills and network of resources to put together a full and accurate picture of the crash.

Call today to learn about the mistakes to avoid after an Arlington truck accident.