Role of a Jury in an Arlington Wrongful Death Case

Everyone in a courtroom has a role to play in a wrongful death case. While the prosecution works to prove the defendant’s guilt and get the plaintiff their rightful compensation, the defense tries to refute the allegations. The judge mediates the interaction between the two parties and the jury determines the verdict of the wrongful death case.

The jury determines who is at fault for someone wrongly dying if the case goes to trial. A skilled fatal accident attorney could help a plaintiff understand the role of a jury in an Arlington wrongful death case.

What a Jury Does in an Arlington Fatal Accident Claim

The jury does not play any role unless there is trial. If a trial does happen, a jury is the group of recruited civilians who decide the outcome of the wrongful death case. They’re going to decide the defendant is guilty of the allegations against them and how much money is awarded to the plaintiff if they win.

How is Liability Assigned?

The jury listens to all the evidence that is presented during the course of the trial and they then weigh that evidence and decide what they think is true. The judge gives them direction on the realm of law and it is the jury’s role to apply the law to the facts of the Arlington wrongful death case and read the verdict.

Bench Versus Jury Trials for Cases Where Someone Wrongly Died

In a bench trial, the judge makes the final decision in the plaintiff’s case after hearing all the evidence. Generally, the judge who precedes over the trial is the same judge who was assigned the case when it was filed. Most personal injury cases in the area are jury trials because the defense usually does not want to have bench trials.

In a jury trial, the jury makes the final verdict after hearing all the evidence. The jury will look at all of the aspects of the case to decide which party’s version of the facts they believe.

The judge will be present in the courtroom during a jury trial, but only for purposes of controlling the presentation of evidence, deciding any legal issues that might arise, and providing jury instructions. A knowledgeable wrongful death attorney in Arlington could help you determine if a jury will play a significant role in your case.

Contact an Attorney Familiar with the Role of a Jury in an Arlington Wrongful Death Cases

A qualified fatal accident attorney could help you understand the roles of the prosecution, defense, judge, and jury. They could also aid with other complex factors that might influence your claim.

The role of a jury in an Arlington wrongful death case that goes to trial is determining who was responsible for the accident that led to someone dying and ultimately deciding what they believe is true. Call our office today to learn more about your legal options.