Role of Expert Witnesses in an Arlington Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one to a preventable accident or intentional act can be challenging. Not only could it be emotionally tolling, but it might also be financially and legally strenuous. Because of this, it is important for surviving family members to win their civil case against the party responsible for the decedent’s passing.

A wrongful death attorney could ensure you have the best chance to win a fatal accident case by enlisting expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. To learn more about the role of expert witnesses in an Arlington wrongful death claim, it is well-advised to contact a compassionate lawyer as soon as possible.

How Do Expert Testimonies Impact a Trial in Arlington?

Expert witnesses could help prove the plaintiff’s or the defendant’s case in a fatal accident claim. Because of their detailed knowledge of their field of study, a testifying specialist could be a steadfast ally in a case where someone wrongly died.

Choosing an influential professional involves ensuring they are the right person for the case. A skilled fatal injury attorney in Arlington could help determine if an expert could be a beneficial witness in a trial on the plaintiff’s behalf. An attorney could look at the prior deposition and testimony that the witness has provided to ensure they make no conflicting statements. Discredited witnesses do not hold much weight with the jury, so it is essential that a qualified attorney assists a plaintiff in finding credible experts to testify for them.

Common Specialist Witnesses in Wrongful Death Cases

Because many different accidents could become fatal, there are also many different types of specialists that could be called to the stand. The specialist’s field of expertise depends on the circumstances that led to the deadly accident. A well-versed Arlington attorney could help make sure an expert witness is suited for their role in the plaintiff’s wrongful death case.

Liability Specialists

A liability expert could help prove that the defendant was responsible for the incident that caused the decedent’s passing. These people could be experts in accident reconstruction, biomechanical engineering, medicine, physics, et cetera.

In an example of a deadly car crash, a tenacious attorney could hire an accident reconstructionist to review the facts of the collision and offer an opinion about how exactly the wreck occurred. To do this, the expert usually visits the scene of the crash, takes measurements and photographs, and analyzes the other evidence to determine how the accident happened.

Causation Experts

Causation specialists determine how the deceased actually died. In negligence cases, especially ones involving medical malpractice, there may be a dispute about what the decedent’s primary cause of death was.

For example, the deceased may have had other medical conditions or injuries that could have caused their death. For a defendant to be held accountable in a malpractice case, the malpractice itself must be a proximate cause of the person dying. In that situation, a medical expert like a pathologist or coroner may be necessary to establish the cause of death. A wrongful death attorney in Arlington could help find causation expert witnesses to determine what caused the decedent to die.

Damage Professionals

Damage experts look at economic and non-economic losses in a fatal accident claim. These kinds of specialists help uncover and explain evidence that increases the likelihood of success in retrieving compensation.

Economic damages are those costs like lost wages, medical expenses, future income, and lost accumulations of the deceased’s estate. Non-economic damages are those that are hard to calculate like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of companionship. Examples of damage experts include economists, medical experts, accountants, vocational experts, and life care planners.

Contact an Attorney Familiar with the Role of Expert Witnesses in Arlington Wrongful Death Cases Today

The aftermath of a fatal incident can be challenging for the family members of the decedent. Grant yourself some compassion by allowing a caring attorney to handle the legal aspects of the accident for you. They could ensure that all specialists called to the stand are qualified and ready to fight for your rights.

The role of expert witnesses in an Arlington wrongful death claim being properly allocated could make the difference in your case. Call our office today to work with a team who cares about your claim.