Front-End Car Accidents in Bedford

Front-end car accidents occur when two vehicles driving in opposite directions collide. When the cars are traveling at a high rate of speed, the accident can have serious or even fatal consequences for each of the occupants.

Although front-end accidents are rare, they are significantly more dangerous to drivers and passengers than other collisions, often causing life-threatening injuries. When you or a loved one are hurt in a front-end car accident in Bedford, contact a legal team member to represent you.

A skilled car crash attorney could help you recover financial compensation for your medical care, lost income, vehicle damage, pain, suffering, or other accident-related expenses from the responsible party.

How Do Front-End Car Accidents Occur?

Front-end car accidents cause devastating injuries to drivers and passengers. Head-on collisions often happen at high speeds, increasing the likelihood of severe or even fatal injuries.

Many factors contribute to a head-on collision, such as driver fatigue or distracted driving. When a motorist takes their eyes off the road, they can wreck into a vehicle in front of them. In Texas, front-end accidents are frequently caused by:

  • Distracted driving, including eating, drinking, texting, using a cellphone, using a GPS device while behind the wheel
  • Improper passing or driving in the wrong direction
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Driving under the influence

Although front-end car accidents happen on all types of roads, these collisions often occur on highways or rural roads in Bedford. An accident is almost guaranteed when an impaired driver is on the wrong side of a highway. Moreover, rural roads usually have no median to prevent vehicles from crossing into the other lane and crashing into another vehicle.

Liability for Head-On Collisions

At-fault drivers often dispute liability in front-end car accidents because it is not always clear what caused the vehicles to crossover and strike each other. Working with an experienced legal representative to investigate the accident and determine who is liable for any resulting injuries is crucial in these cases.

Sometimes, the driver’s negligence is apparent. For example, when the driver is impaired, falls asleep at the wheel, uses their cell phone, or drives on the wrong side of the road, there is a clear argument for negligence. In other cases, demonstrating the cause of the accident is more challenging.

When both drivers share responsibility for the head-on auto collision, Texas law applies a modified comparative fault approach, meaning the court assigns a percentage of fault to each party based on the cause of the accident. In Texas, the injured person cannot recover damages when they are more than 50% responsible for causing the wreck. Assigning fault for a head-on car accident case is complex, often requiring a seasoned lawyer in Bedford.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Texas

Unfortunately, some passengers involved in front-end car wrecks suffer fatal injuries. Texas law allows the family members of those killed by someone else’s negligence to sue for damages. The decedent’s surviving spouse, children, or parents could bring a wrongful death suit on behalf of their loved one. Survivors can seek damages for their losses, such as lost income or financial support, emotional trauma, loss of companionship, and more. Speak with a hardworking attorney in Bedford to discuss filing suit for a fatal front-end auto accident.

Consult an Attorney in Bedford to Discuss Front-End Car Accidents

When you are hurt in a front-end car accident in Bedford, having a talented personal injury attorney on your side can make a significant difference in your case. Through a successful personal injury lawsuit, you could obtain damages for the cost of your medical care, lost income or earning potential, pain and suffering, or property damage. Contact a legal representative today to schedule a consultation.