Bedford Car Accident Lawyer

While car accidents are common, any crash should be taken seriously. Severe injuries happen every day because other drivers decide not to be careful on the road. Their negligent actions can cause you incredible harm, both physically and financially. They may owe you substantial compensation because of their wrongful actions.

To seek compensation in your personal injury case, work with an experienced Bedford car accident lawyer. Our firm has the knowledge necessary to pursue your claim and seek monetary damages for you and your family.

Injuries Common in Car Crashes

The injuries caused by a car crash may be utterly devastating. These collisions usually happen at high speeds. However, even a low-speed accident could still result in significant harm. Many car wreck injuries could require hospitalization, long healing times, surgery, and rehab. Injuries typical in a car accident case might include but are not limited to:

  • Severe burns
  • Skin damage and road rash
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash and concussions
  • Loss of limbs or amputation
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Whatever the injured person faces, they may be entitled to compensation that an auto accident attorney in Bedford could help recover.

Causes of Car Accidents in Bedford

Negligence is a broad concept that may include many kinds of careless conduct. Different examples of reckless driving that might cause a wreck include:

  • Distracted driving such as texting, watching videos, or talking on the phone
  • Drunk driving or drugged driving
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Defective car parts or tires
  • Failure to check blind spots or use turn signals
  • Running red lights or stop signs

Regardless of the details of the crash, the injured party and their car accident lawyer in Bedford must prove how and why the accident occurred. This can be a distinct challenge but compiling valuable evidence and working with our legal team to be as transparent as possible can strengthen a claim.

Proving the Other Driver Was Negligent

A crucial part of a vehicle collision case involves proving another driver’s negligence. A plaintiff can accomplish this by demonstrating that the defendant’s breach of a duty of care led to verifiable injuries. All of this requires usable evidence that is best collected with the help of a skilled and hardworking attorney.

A legal representative might look for evidence by examining police reports, insurance estimates, medical records, and much more. Other evidence will come from witnesses and any recordings of the car accident. All findings must meet the requirements of the Texas Rules of Evidence. A dedicated car collision lawyer in Bedford could seek evidence that meets these complicated rules.

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Car accidents can be devastating to your economy, your health, and your entire life. Recovering takes hard work, dedication, and substantial finances. Thankfully, monetary compensation could help you rebuild your life and hold the negligent party responsible. A skilled Bedford car accident lawyer could help you pursue these damages and seek the justice you deserve. Call today to get started.