Colleyville Catastrophic Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are more common than people realize. Fortunately, many bites are treatable with first aid, and those that require medical intervention often heal completely—though they may leave physical and emotional scars.

However, some dog attacks have permanent or deadly consequences. In such cases, a Colleyville catastrophic dog bite lawyer could assist you or your family in obtaining appropriate compensation from the dog’s owner. Talk to a skilled dog bite attorney from our firm to determine your options for holding the liable party responsible.

Severe Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Injuries that result in permanent loss of function of a body part or organ system or fatalities are called catastrophic injuries. Dog attacks that produce these kinds of injuries are rare but still happen.

Dog attacks have the potential to inflict catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Biting off fingers, toes, hands, feet, or facial features
  • Inflicting deep puncture wounds that cause massive bleeding
  • Damaging or destroying the internal organs in the abdomen or chest
  • Crushing a limb and causing nerve damage, reducing its function, or even rendering it useless

Children are at the highest risk of severe injuries, but a dog could inflict devastating harm on anyone. Thus, when someone is attacked by a dog, calling the police is essential. Texas Health and Safety Code § 822.02 allows a peace officer to locate the dog and its owners and take steps to ensure the dog does no further harm, which includes impounding the dog in a shelter. It is also important for the victim of a severe dog bite in Colleyville to contact a local injury attorney after the incident.

Dog Owner Liability

Many states have enacted statutes that make dog owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their pets, but Texas has not. In most cases, the injured party must prove the owner was negligent. A knowledgeable lawyer in Colleyville could prove the owner is responsible for the dog bite accident in various ways, depending on the circumstances.

For example, when a dog is not leashed, that means the owner has violated the city’s leash law, which a legal professional can use as proof of negligence. When a dog has shown prior indications of aggression but the owner allowed it to be in contact with people, that could also be used as evidence of negligence. Even when a dog has never been aggressive before and was leashed during the attack, the owner may be considered liable for having insufficient control of their pet.

Rules Concerning Dangerous Dogs

When a dog bites or attacks someone and the victim makes a report of the incident, animal control must investigate. If they find the dog to be responsible for the attack, the animal will be designated as dangerous.

The owner of a dangerous dog faces criminal liability if they allow it to run free or fail to control it. Therefore, owners must obtain a liability insurance policy that provides at least $100,000 of coverage for injuries suffered due to an attack. They also must clearly mark the premises where the dog resides, with signs indicating the presence of a vicious dog. Finally, the animal must always wear a collar and tag indicating it is a dangerous dog.

Dog Bite Claims Require Swift Action

The law allows an injured adult to file a lawsuit for two years after the incident, asking for compensation from the negligent party. When the injured person is a child, they have two years from the date of their 18th birthday to sue, but it usually makes more sense for a parent to sue on their child’s behalf within the two-year deadline. When a dog attack is fatal, family members have two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

In addition to the legal reasons, there are also many practical reasons to act quickly. A dog owner’s insurance company is likely to fight a lawsuit alleging they are responsible for the victim’s injuries. Thus, it is important to have information and witness testimony to the dog’s general behavior and behavior during the attack. The longer a victim waits to bring a lawsuit, the more likely it is that witnesses will not be available to provide evidence.

An experienced Colleyville catastrophic dog bite attorney could reach out to the dog owner’s neighbors as well as the dog’s veterinarian, trainer, breeder, and anyone else who had contact with the animal. By presenting strong evidence of an unprovoked dog bite that did catastrophic harm, the injured person could receive reimbursement for their medical care and lost wages and compensation for their pain and suffering.

Talk to a Colleyville Attorney About Your Catastrophic Dog Bite Case

Dog bite cases often trigger strong emotions. It is always important to keep the pursuit of compensation business-like, which is why working with an attorney is preferable to handling the issue privately with the dog’s owner. Reach out to a Colleyville catastrophic dog bite lawyer as soon as you can. They will work to ensure you receive appropriate compensation and the dog’s owner is held accountable. Call to schedule a consultation today.