Leash Laws in Colleyville

Many cities have laws pertaining to dogs, their behavior, and how they need to be restrained when outside their residence. When someone else’s dog bites you or your child, an owner’s violation of leash laws in Colleyville is evidence of negligence.

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Understanding Key Ordinances on Confining Dogs

The Colleyville Code of Ordinances § 14-4 prohibits anyone keeping an animal, including a dog, within the city limits from allowing it to be at large. A dog is considered at large if it is not:

  • Indoors
  • Confined in a vehicle
  • On a leash held by someone capable of controlling the animal
  • Confined by fencing or contained in an enclosure of sufficient height to prevent the dog from escaping

Dogs kept within Colleyville must be up to date on rabies vaccinations, comply with leash laws, and be registered with the city.

People are sometimes reluctant to report a dog running at large, fearing it might be euthanized. However, loose dogs can pose a threat to other pets, children, and adults, and risk being hit by a vehicle. Reporting a dog at large is a humane and responsible choice.

Confining a Dog After an Attack

When someone reports a dog attack to law enforcement, a Colleyville animal control officer will seize the dog, leash it, and impound it in the shelter or a veterinary hospital. The dog must be impounded for a minimum of ten days but no more than 30 days. The animal control officer determines the period of confinement and has the option to allow the dog to be in quarantine at home.

If the animal control officer does not observe anything concerning in the dog’s demeanor or behavior while it is in quarantine, the animal can be released at the end of the quarantine period. The owner has five days after the end of the confinement period to retrieve the dog.

Designating a Dog as Dangerous

A person injured in a dog attack can ask that the dog be designated as dangerous. The Colleyville Code of Ordinances § 14-16 requires an injured person to file a report of the attack with the municipal court. A local attorney from our firm could help someone who experienced a dog attack to draft and file the complaint.

The animal control officer will investigate the complaint while the dog is under quarantine. If they find the dog is dangerous but do not recommend the dog be euthanized, and the owner wants to bring the dog home, the owner must comply with several requirements including Colleyville leash laws.

The dog must be securely confined or on a leash held by someone who is at least 17 and has the strength and skill to control the animal. The owner must post warning signs around the area where the dog lives, and the dog must always wear an orange collar and red tag. The owner must obtain at least $100,000 in liability insurance to cover any harm the dog inflicts, and the owner will be strictly liable for any losses a person sustains if the dog attacks again.

Consult a Colleyville Attorney About Leash Laws When a Dog Attacks You

Leash laws in Colleyville were enacted for the safety of citizens and their pets. If someone violates the law, they are liable for any harm their animal causes.

When you or your child have sustained injuries in a dog attack, it is crucial to contact an experienced attorney from our firm. Call us today to set up an initial consultation.