Dallas Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Poor weather is known to cause severe car accidents. Often, in Dallas, cars hydroplane due to pooling water on the roadway. Drivers need to be cautious when it is raining to avoid hydroplaning. Additionally, in Dallas, there are occasions where it gets icy and snowy, and those lead to slick roadways that lead to crashes.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle crash during hazardous weather, a seasoned car accident attorney could help you seek compensation. A seasoned Dallas accident involving bad weather lawyer could help you recover compensation for all of your damages.

Warning Signs Of Hazardous Weather

Drivers should be mindful of the current weather conditions before getting on the road. If it is raining, there is a chance of hydroplaning, and if there is snow on the ground, slick roads can result. It is important to determine the weather conditions before driving and pull over if the conditions get too dangerous.

Initial Steps To Take After An Accident

Immediately following an accident, it is best to call 911 and emergency services. If anyone is injured, they should seek medical treatment. Additionally, if it is possible, those involved in a crash should take pictures and video record the scene in order to capture the weather accurately. A bad weather attorney could use those pictures and video as evidence of the weather conditions when they work the case. Drivers should also exchange information, get insurance information from the other party, and get contact information from witnesses. This information will be needed later.

How Does Dangerous Weather Impact The Assignment Of Fault In A Car Accident In Dallas?

All drivers have a duty of care when on the road. Drivers should take all precautions to prevent a collision and to be mindful of the weather conditions. Regardless of the weather conditions, liability for a crash is still going to be on the negligent party. It is always important to be mindful when there is inclement weather because adverse weather conditions often lead to more crashes.

What If No Other Drivers Are Involved?

If there are multiple people in the vehicle, then the passengers can assert a claim against the driver in order to collect damages, and the driver may even be able to collect personal injury protection or PIP, if they have it on their policy, even if they were at fault.

Types of Recoverable Damages

There types of damages a person could recover in a crash involving bad weather accident is the same as other motor vehicle crashes. A seasoned attorney could help recover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are hard costs like lost wages, medical bills. Non-economic damages are a little harder to value, but those include pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of activities. When applicable, a lawyer could also pursue punitive damages as well, especially if the defendant was grossly negligent.

Proving That Weather Conditions Caused An Accident

Photos, videos, and witness testimony can be used to prove the weather during the time of the crash. A lawyer could show the weather conditions for the area during the time of the crash to prove that the collision was caused by the inclement conditions. That is why it is important to get with an attorney so they can inspect the scene and gather any key evidence that is necessary.

Speak To a Dallas Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Following a severe car crash, it is always best to get in touch with an experienced attorney. A lawyer could help prove the conditions were the potential cause of the motor vehicle accident. Just saying that there was hazardous weather at the time of the crash is not enough, there has to be a direct connection between the poor weather, the negligent driving, and the damages that are done to you in order to maximize the settlement. Call a Dallas Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer today to get started on your case.