Damages in Dallas Pedestrian Accidents

While low-speed collisions between cars and pedestrians can cause severe and long-lasting injuries, high-speed accidents often have life-altering repercussions. Fortunately, after a crash, you can demand compensation from the person responsible for striking and injuring you—provided that you can prove the damages you have sustained in the accident.

Damages in Dallas pedestrian accidents can vary significantly from case to case. What you can financially recover may be different from what someone else injured under similar circumstances can recover. Therefore, guidance from a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer is essential to maximizing available compensation after being injured on foot by a reckless or careless driver.

What Economic Damages Could Be Compensable?

In Dallas, “compensatory” losses following a pedestrian crash—losses caused directly by the accident—can be divided into two categories: economic damages and non-economic damages. The former category includes losses with objective financial values, which can be proven with quantitative evidence like bills, receipts, pay stubs, and tax records.

While medical expenses typically represent the bulk of recoverable economic damages after a pedestrian crash, a comprehensive claim should account for medical bills that have already been assessed and expected future costs of treatment the injured person will need in the months and years to come. Other compensable losses that fit into this category include short-term and long-term lost income, as well as personal property damage.

Valuing “Non-Economic” Forms of Harm

As the term suggests, “non-economic” damages do not have an objective financial value. Instead, their value is determined by the subjective losses experienced by the injured pedestrian seeking compensation for the collision. These are often called “pain and suffering” damages since physical pain and suffering from accident-related injuries is common in cases where walkers or joggers are hit by moving vehicles.

The victim can also recover damages for mental and emotional anguish related to a pedestrian collision in Dallas, as well as psychological trauma and distress. When an accident leaves a pedestrian with permanent and debilitating injuries, they can seek restitution for lost overall enjoyment and quality of life stemming from their newfound disability.

Are Punitive Damages Available in Pedestrian Crash Claims?

The court has the authority to impose “punitive damages” against the defendant named in a pedestrian accident claim in Dallas. The award punishes the defendant for their misconduct, and the court can award those damages as additional compensation to the plaintiff. However, it is rare for the court to award damages of this nature after a pedestrian crash since state law prohibits them except when there is substantial evidence that the defendant engaged in fraudulent, grossly negligent, or intentionally malicious behavior.

An Experienced Attorney in Dallas Could Help Maximize Pedestrian Accident Damages

Getting paid fairly after being struck by a car is vital to protecting your financial security and legal rights. However, effectively demanding the compensation you deserve for your injuries and knowing how much money to demand in the first place can be exceptionally challenging, especially without support from seasoned legal counsel.

A capable pedestrian accident lawyer could be the ally you need to achieve the favorable case result you want. Call today to discuss damages in Dallas pedestrian accidents in more detail and schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable legal team member. We are ready to fight to protect your rights.