Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident in Dallas

Being hit by a car is virtually always a traumatic experience, even when the incident does not leave you with any serious injuries. When you are severely hurt while walking because of a driver’s reckless or careless conduct, there are several things you should strongly consider doing to have the best chances of recovering financially for your losses.

A seasoned pedestrian crash lawyer could help advise you on the right steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Dallas. A dedicated legal representative could also guide you through the process of filing suit for your accident and demanding every cent of the restitution you deserve.

Seek Medical Attention as Quickly as Possible

Anyone who suffers an injury in a pedestrian accident—even something as seemingly minor as a small bruise or abrasion—should go to their primary care physician, an urgent care facility, or a hospital emergency room as soon as they can following the incident. On top of making sure that no one is seriously injured, seeking prompt, professional care will create a paper trail detailing the injuries the pedestrian sustained in the collision and the treatment they received. Medical records can serve as vital evidence in a civil claim.

Follow Physicians’ Medical Orders

After making sure a pedestrian wreck victim is stable and unlikely to suffer additional harm, a physician in Dallas will provide specific instructions about what to do in the hours, days, and weeks following the incident. It is crucial to adhere to all instructions given by a doctor, communicate honestly with them, and attending follow-up appointments. Failing to do so could lead to the court or insurance company denying the validity of a pedestrian’s injury and denying their much-needed compensation.

Document Bills, Expenses, and Personal Losses Accordingly

Beyond collecting bills and documentation related to medical treatment, pedestrian accident victims in Dallas should also make an effort to collect and preserve other evidence that they can later use to prove the losses they have experienced because of their injuries. This documentation can include pay stubs to establish lost income, receipts for personal property repairs or replacements, and even contemporaneous notes about physical and emotional trauma stemming from the pedestrian collision.

Gather Evidence Related to the Accident

It is also crucial to quickly collect accident-related evidence that legal representatives can use to prove that someone negligently caused a crash involving another person walking or running. Relevant information in this regard could include photos of the accident scene, contact information for witnesses, cell phone records, and footage from cell phones or dashboard cameras, if available.

Contact a Seasoned Attorney in Dallas to Learn the Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

It is understandable to be stressed out and unsure about what to do immediately after a negligent driver hits and injures you while walking. That said, knowing the steps you should take after a pedestrian accident in Dallas can be crucial to protecting your best interests now and in the future.

A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer could advise you about specific actions you should take to strengthen your claim and fight to get you the outcome you deserve. Call today to schedule a private consultation with a diligent legal team member.