Rollover Truck Accidents in Dallas

When a semi-tractor-trailer truck rolls over and causes a motor vehicle accident, the immense devastation can be catastrophic. Although the resulting property damage may be extensive, the physical injuries to the motorists and pedestrians involved can be severely damaging and, in some cases, potentially fatal.

If you or someone you deeply care for was severely injured or harmed in a Dallas rollover semi-truck accident, you might have a civil injury claim through which to seek financial compensation for your losses viably. For more information on how civil injury claims stemming from rollover truck accidents in Dallas are effectively pursued, injured parties should schedule a complimentary case evaluation with a skilled civil litigation lawyer.

What Causes a Semi-Trailer Truck to Rollover?

In a majority of cases, what causes a semi-tractor-trailer truck to rollover is the improper maneuvering or operating of a big rig truck. Examples of the more common causes of rollover trucking accidents include the following:

The determined cause of a rollover truck collision will be crucial to establishing which parties may be held liable for damages and to what extent. However, in Texas, if an injured party is deemed to have partially caused their injuries, they may be barred from recovery if they are 51 percent or more at fault, as provided under § 33.001 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. As such, if a rollover trucking accident victim believes they may be at fault for their injuries, they should consult a skilled personal injury attorney for assistance to determine whether they are still eligible to recover damages from the other at-fault parties.

Bodily Injuries Commonly Sustained in Rollover Oversized Truck Collisions

While the injuries sustained in rollover trucking accidents are typically severe, the types of injuries accident victims sustain can widely range. Some common types of injuries sustained in rollover semi-truck collisions include:

Whether an accident victim’s injuries are as minor as a slight concussion or as severe as a permanently damaging abrasion, they may be eligible to recover financial compensation for any losses they suffered as a result of their injuries. Those seeking to file a civil injury claim for damages against an at-fault negligent party should first discuss their case with a trucking accident attorney.

Speak with a Qualified Rollover Truck Accidents Lawyer in Dallas Today

When a rollover truck accident occurs, the resulting damage can be devastating. From severe or, in some cases, fatal injuries to those involved to extensive damage to other’s property, the losses accident victims could suffer may substantially burden them as a result.

If you or a beloved member of your family was significantly harmed due to a rollover big rig trucking accident resulting from another party’s negligence, compensation might be sought from the negligent party at fault for causing the accident by filing a civil injury claim against them. To learn more about personal injury claims stemming from rollover truck accidents in Dallas, call today to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney with rollover truck accident experience.