Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

When a semi tractor-trailer or sizeable commercial truck causes an accident, the potential for multiple injuries and fatalities increases. The utter size and weight of these trucks tend to dwarf the passenger vehicles around them. If you or a loved one is harmed in this type of crash, you may want to call a Dallas truck accident lawyer for legal advice and guidance.

Trucking accident claims can be incredibly complex, involving multiple defendants, federal regulations that govern the trucking industry, and numerous vehicles. Determining negligence is not always an easy task and may require extensive investigation and accident reconstruction. Contacting a personal injury lawyer to assist you following a trucking accident may be in your best interest.

What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Dallas?

Various parties may be responsible for causing truck accidents, depending on the situation. In many cases, the negligence of truck drivers leads to truck accidents. For instance, truck drivers might be liable for accidents that they cause if they commit traffic violations, such as speeding or traveling outside of their lanes.

Truck drivers can engage in the same type of negligent behaviors as other drivers of motor vehicles which can cause an accident. Driving while texting or distracted, driving while overly tired, and driving under the influence of drugs can lead to accidents causing significant injuries to other motorists. Drivers of commercial vehicles are subject to stricter standards under federal regulations, at least concerning limits on their hours of consecutive driving and blood alcohol content levels.

Due to their typically large size and weight, the accidents that commercial trucks cause can be far more severe than other drivers who cause accidents. They also may be more likely to involve multiple vehicles, which can more easily lead to more than one injured person.

Other Parties Potentially Liable for Truck Accidents

Although truck drivers may be liable for many truck accidents, their employers also may be responsible for their actions. In some cases, trucking companies do not take the steps necessary to ensure that their drivers abide by all federal regulations. They may also push drivers to exceed driving hour limits and falsify logs to hide their behavior by requiring routes to be driven more quickly than usual.

Likewise, trucking companies and maintenance companies may be responsible for accidents that occur if they fail to inspect and maintain their trucks regularly. If poor or faulty maintenance led to a truck accident, the companies responsible for performing that maintenance might be liable if an accident involving injuries occurs.

Trucking companies also have a responsibility to properly screen prospective truck drivers and ensure that they have the appropriate training and supervision needed to safely perform their jobs. Overlooking poor driving histories or failing to provide adequate training can result in drivers who cannot properly maneuver large commercial trucks. As a truck accident attorney in Dallas may attest, driving a semi tractor-trailer differs vastly from driving a passenger vehicle, and poorly-trained drivers can easily cause significant accidents.

What Type of Damages May Be Recovered In a Truck Accident Claim?

If truck drivers, trucking companies, or other parties were negligent in causing accidents and injuries resulted, the injured parties might have a claim for damages. Compensation for injury victims of truck accidents might include economic damages, such as medical bills, lost wages due to an inability to work, and related expenses. However, these individuals may also claim non-economic damages, such as emotional distress and physical pain and suffering related to their injuries.

Just as injury victims must prove that the liable parties were negligent in causing their accidents, they must prove their losses to justify a damages award. A truck accident lawyer in Dallas may help injury victims properly document their injuries and maximize the compensation that is potentially available to them.

Meet With a Dallas Truck Accident Attorney About Your Claim

State law places strict timelines on personal injury claims, so you may wish to contact a Dallas truck accident lawyer about your potential claim as soon as possible. While you are focusing on your recovery, both physically and mentally, legal counsel may work toward a settlement of your claim.

Compensation might be available if negligence led to your truck accident. Through the legal claims process, you may hold negligent and reckless parties liable for their conduct.