Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Dallas

Large scale vehicles, such as semi-tractor-trailer trucks, can cause extensive damage when involved in traffic accidents. However, when a semi-trailer truck is in a collision with another motor vehicle due to its overloaded or overweight haul, the resulting damages can be devastating.

If you or a beloved member of your family was severely injured or harmed in a traffic accident with an overloaded or overweight big rig vehicle, the losses you have suffered as a result need not be left uncompensated. To learn more about filing and pursuing civil injury claims for damages in overloaded/Overweight truck accidents in Dallas, speak to a seasoned attorney.

What Makes a Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck “Overloaded” or “Overweight”?

In Texas, the height and weight restrictions on commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are governed under §621.001 through §623.343 of the Texas Transportation Code. A semi-truck is considered to be overweight if it exceeds the limitations provided under Tex. Transp. Code § 621.101.

These established dimensions for semi-truck hauls must be adhered to when operating a big rig on the state’s roadways to ensure the vehicle operates properly. When these laws are violated, and an accident occurs as a result, the truck driver or the truck operator’s employer may be held liable for damages. As such, those who are injured in a trucking accident should discuss their claim with a skilled lawyer to ensure they seek compensation from the appropriate party when filing their civil injury claim for damages.

What Type of Damages Are Recoverable in Oversized Truck Accident Cases?

In Texas personal injury cases, injured parties typically seek to recover non-economic and economic damages, also known as compensatory damages. Economic damages are defined as damages for pecuniary losses, such as lost wages or medical care and treatment costs. Additionally, non-economic damages are awarded for intangible losses, such as emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in life.

In some cases, such as when an injured party is partially responsible for sustaining their accidental injuries, their damages award may be substantially reduced or, in some cases, they may be totally barred from recovery. To avoid potentially losing out on a larger damages award, injured parties are strongly encouraged to seek the legal services of a civil litigation attorney with truck accident case experience.

Call an Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas Today

The devastation caused by a traffic accident with an overloaded or overweight semi-truck can result in serious harm to those involved. In addition to causing extensive property damage, overloaded truck accident victims are at a heightened risk of suffering severe injuries than those involved in other types of personal injury accidents. Due to the gravity of losses and the severity of potential injuries, the effective filing and pursuit of a civil injury claim are crucial for victims of traffic accidents involving an overloaded or overweight big rig truck.

If you or someone close to you was seriously injured in a recent motor vehicle accident due to a negligently overloaded/overweight semi-trailer truck, you may have a viable legal claim to file against the at-fault party responsible for the accident. To initiate the civil injury claim filing process for overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Dallas, reach out to speak with a civil litigation lawyer today.