Euless Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When you receive medical treatment, you likely assume that any medication prescribed by your doctor is safe to use. After all, these drugs go through an approval process by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before their public release. FDA approval does not guarantee a drug is safe for all consumers. When these drugs prove to be unreasonably dangerous, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help injured individuals recover monetary damages.

The harm that accompanies a dangerous drug could take many forms. In some cases, the FDA missed a hazardous side effect that impacts everyone. In many situations, however, only a small subsection of people are impacted. If you experienced health complications from a prescription or over-the-counter medication, let a Euless dangerous drugs lawyer assist you in holding the pharmaceutical company responsible.

Common Health Concerns with Dangerous Drugs

One of the primary risks of a dangerous drug is severe or unexpected side effects. A side effect is an effect a drug has other than its intended purpose. Some side effects are harmless, causing little more than annoyance or irritation. Other side effects could have life-altering or fatal consequences.

The impact a dangerous drug has on the body varies. While many side effects result in immediate harm, others only lead to dangerous consequences after long-term use of the drug. Some major side effects include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Complications in diabetic patients
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain

Each of these side effects could permanently alter the trajectory of a person’s life. These harmful effects often have the potential to bring about new illnesses and injuries during the course of a person’s treatment. Additionally, a dangerous drug could also make the underlying condition worse. A seasoned dangerous drugs attorney in Euless could assist a patient suffering from the effects of a dangerous drug by pursuing legal action against the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the problematic medication.

Liability in a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

Due to the potential harm of hazardous narcotics, state and federal governments hold pharmaceutical companies to a high standard. These drug companies have a duty to protect consumers from harm and inform them of any risks that come with the medication. If the drug company fails in this duty, a diligent Euless dangerous drugs attorney could hold them legally responsible.

The duty held by a pharmaceutical company begins during the design phase and continues until the drug hits the market. If a company rushes a poorly-designed drug to market or fails to test it thoroughly, they could face civil liability for any injuries the drug causes. Because of the higher duty pharmaceutical companies face, a consumer does not have to show that the drug company was negligent. If a plaintiff can demonstrate that a pharmaceutical company failed to protect the public from a harmful drug or provide necessary safety notices, they could have a strong claim for compensation.

Call a Euless Dangerous Drugs Attorney Right Away

If a drug maker has released an unreasonably dangerous medication or device into the market, they could face liability for any medical injuries that occur. It would make little difference if the medical injuries occurred due to a lack of testing or poor design.

No matter the cause of a defect, you have the right to pursue compensation against the maker of any dangerous drug responsible for your injuries. To learn more about your claim, contact a Euless dangerous drug lawyer right away.