What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Fort Worth

Getting hit by a reckless or careless driver while on your bicycle is not something anyone expects to have happen to them when they go out for a bike ride. Even if you are somewhat familiar with personal injury law, you may struggle with deciding what steps you should take after getting hurt in this sort of incident—and at the same time, the actions you take following your wreck may have a huge impact on your ability to recover financially for your losses.

During a private consultation, a seasoned bike crash lawyer could explain in detail what to do after a bicycle accident in Fort Worth. A knowledgeable legal representative could also explain your options for filing suit against the person who hit you.

Speak With Local Law Enforcement

Whether or not a bike accident results in an injury, it is important for bicyclists to contact law enforcement after being struck by a negligent driver in Fort Worth. Injured cyclists should stay where the crash happened until police arrive when possible.

On top of compiling a written report that provides details about how the accident occurred and what circumstances it occurred under, a responding officer may issue a citation for a traffic offense to the driver involved in the wreck, which could serve as vital evidence when demanding financial compensation from the reckless driver.

Get Contact Info from Witnesses

Generally, when a bicyclist in Fort Worth gets hit by a careless driver and sustains an injury, they should avoid speaking with the driver other than to get their contact and insurance information. That said, speaking with people nearby who saw the incident happen to get their contact information is vital. In many situations, these witnesses can testify about what they saw during an ensuing civil claim.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

After leaving the scene of a bicycle accident in Fort Worth, the injured biker should go straight to the emergency room or urgent care facility.

Many injuries that bicyclists commonly suffer after being hit by motor vehicles may not show obvious symptoms for hours or even days afterward; failing to get prompt medical care could worsen the injury and negatively impact the injured person’s pursuit of civil compensation.

Collect and Preserve Relevant Evidence

There are many other forms of evidence besides police reports and witness testimony that plays a key role in a bicycle accident claim. In Fort Worth, anyone involved in a bicycle wreck should make an effort to find and preserve that evidence immediately afterward. Photos of the accident scene can be very helpful, as photos of any injuries sustained and footage from dashboard or helmet cameras.

Contact a Capable Attorney in Fort Worth to Learn More About What to do After a Bicycle Accident

Ultimately, every bicycle accident is different, and every civil claim built around one will likewise be unique. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to increase your chances of obtaining fair financial recovery. Our attorneys will meet with you to discuss what to do after a bicycle accident in Fort Worth.

Seeking help from experienced legal counsel is an especially crucial step to take after this sort of incident. Call our office today for a private consultation and let our dedicated legal team members begin working on your case.