Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents in Fort Worth

Unlike those protected by airbags and seatbelts inside motor vehicles, bicycle riders are likely to suffer serious physical harm in traffic accidents. Even relatively low-speed collisions can leave a bicyclist with injuries that require expensive medical care and intensive rehabilitation. Sadly, traumatic bike crashes have the potential to cause permanent and debilitating harm.

While any bike accident injury requiring medical care can justify a civil lawsuit, there are several frequent injuries that the court looks for in these cases.  When you are hurt in an incident like this, a knowledgeable bike crash attorney could explain common injuries in bicycle accidents in Fort Worth and build a strong civil claim that demands the compensation you deserve.

Contusions, Abrasions, and Lacerations

Although they might not be as life-altering as other injuries a bike crash may cause, minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises can still significantly impact an injured rider’s life. While these injuries often heal on their own without any invasive medical care, each one can be used as the basis for an injury claim in Fort Worth.

Soft-Tissue Damage

On top of ligament sprains and tears, bicycle collisions in Fort Worth often result in muscle strains that can leave the bicyclist unable to work for days, weeks, or months afterward. Any income they could not earn during that time can be factored into an ensuing civil claim, alongside medical expenses, physical pain, and suffering.

Bone Fractures

Many people involved in Fort Worth bike wrecks suffer bone fractures in the legs, feet, and pelvis. In the same vein, a bicyclist who is thrown off their bike and toward the road or stationary object can sustain fractures in their arms, hands, or ribs, as well as their skull—which can be an especially dangerous type of trauma to sustain.

Head and Brain Injuries

Even when no external object penetrates the victim’s skull, a heavy blow to someone’s face, neck, or head can cause substantial and potentially life-threatening brain damage. Wearing a properly-rated and properly-fitted bicycle helmet can drastically reduce the risk of this kind of injury occurring in a Fort Worth bicycle accident—and accordingly, it can also substantially reduce the risk of a bike wreck having fatal repercussions since head injuries are by far the most common causes of fatalities in these incidents.

Spinal Cord Trauma

Getting hit from behind or at high speeds may cause life-altering trauma to a bicyclist in the form of damage to the spinal cord. Even minor trauma to this body part may cause long-lasting loss of sensory or motor function, and more severe spinal cord injuries very often cause permanent paralysis.

An Attorney in Fort Worth Could Help Recover Fair Compensation for Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

No bike rider should get seriously hurt solely because someone failed to operate their vehicle safely. Unfortunately, this scenario often plays out in the Lone Star State. When you are unprepared to enforce your legal rights after getting involved in a bike wreck, you may end up bearing significant physical, financial, and personal losses all by yourself.

A skilled legal professional could help ensure you do not face these obstacles alone. Learn more about common injuries from bicycle accidents in Fort Worth and how to recover compensation for your harm by calling today.