Grand Prairie Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

People visit amusement parks for a variety of reasons. Thrill-seekers can find their adrenaline rush on roller coasters, water slides, and other extreme attractions. Visitors who prefer a milder visit can enjoy shows, ride the carousel, or simply people-watch. Owners of amusement parks have an obligation to keep all visitors to their park safe.

Sadly, injuries are a common event at amusement parks. Even though the owners of these facilities may place waivers that claim to limit their liability in case of an accident, people who suffer injuries while visiting amusement parks still have the ability to demand compensation.

A Grand Prairie amusement park injury lawyer may be able to help you to collect compensation after your injury. They can take the necessary steps to establish your rights as a visitor. If you enjoy legal protection, they can work to hold negligent amusement parks liable for your losses. Let a knowledgeable premise liability attorney help your case.

Common Injuries to Visitors

The major draw to many of the amusement parks in Texas is the availability of rides. Chief among these in the mind of many people are roller coasters. The shot of adrenaline that these rides can provide is a quick rush that many people crave. This leads them to take risks that they might not in their everyday lives.

As a trade-off, the operators of these rides have a duty to perform all routine maintenance and have an emergency plan in effect in case of injury or crisis. Indeed, it is not uncommon for these rides to become stuck, often while inverted. This can lead to a damaging rush of blood to the head resulting in unconsciousness or even brain damage.

Other common injuries include:

When these injuries are the result of an amusement park not performing their required maintenance or inspections, an injured person may have the right to demand compensation. A diligent Grand Prairie amusement park injury lawyer could help to evaluate an injured individual’s rights after suffering harm while riding an attraction.

Deadline to File a Claim

Whether this injury was the result of a slip and fall, a roller coaster malfunction, or even an assault that occurred on park grounds, an attorney may be able to help. Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003 gives you only two years from the date of an accident to file a claim.

The Duty to Protect Visitors

An amusement park is considered a business. This means that they invite guests onto their property for the purpose of making a profit. As a result, these businesses have a high duty to protect these guests from accidental harm. Amusement park owners must take all reasonable steps to protect their guests from all unreasonable harm. This may include employing security staff, cleaning all temporary hazards from walkways, and performing inspections and maintenance on all rides.

In an attempt to limit their liability, many amusement park owners will have visitors accept an implied waiver of their right to sue in case of an accident. State laws require that these waivers be in plain language and conspicuous. Many visitors never learn that they are the subject of these waivers until after they suffer an injury. This can serve to make these waivers invalid. A dedicated Grand Prairie amusement park injury lawyer could help to explain a person’s rights as a guest and to defeat any apparent waivers that limit the park’s liability.

Speak to a Grand Prairie Amusement Park Injury Attorney Today

The laws that govern the responsibilities of amusement parks to keep guests safe are clear. All parks have a duty to protect paying guests from all unreasonable harms. However, in an attempt to lessen their liability in case of an accident, many amusement parks claim that guests accept a waiver of liability from the moment that they enter the gates. Still, these waivers are not always valid, and injured people should still examine their rights following an accident.

An experienced attorney could help you seek compensation for damages following an amusement park injury. Contact a Grand Prairie amusement park injury lawyer today to get started on your case.