Grand Prairie Water Park Injury Lawyer

Visiting a water park can bring much-needed relief from the heat during Grand Prairie’s long summer months. People of all ages from young children to senior citizens can enjoy the benefits of taking a leisurely dip or barreling down a speedy water slide.

Unfortunately, water parks can be extremely dangerous. Despite a water park’s efforts to keep people safe, accidents can happen. If these incidents are the result of a water park’s negligence, you have the right to demand compensation.

A Grand Prairie water park injury lawyer could help you seek compensation for your injuries and damages. The premises liability attorney could help to explain the duties of water parks towards visitors, and if they failed in this duty, demand fair compensation for your losses.

The Right of Protection for Visitors

Water parks are open to the public with the motive of making money. As a result, all visitors to water parks enjoy the highest level of protection under the law. In short, a water park must take all reasonable steps to protect visitors from harm.

Even so, failures to take these steps are common. It is not unusual for a park to not clear water of walkways, to allow safety railings to become loose, or to not provide proper training to their staff to respond in case of an emergency.

It is easy to see how these failures can result in catastrophic accidents. A quick slip on a pool deck could cause a person to separate a joint and fall into the water. Turbulent water slides could leave people with concussions that limit their ability to swim once they emerge from the slide. Any of these results also place a person at great risk of drowning.

A seasoned Grand Prairie water park injury lawyer could help to evaluate a person’s rights as a visitor and to determine if the park’s negligence resulted in their injuries.

Challenges to Water Park Injury Claims

Unfortunately, most companies that own water parks understand that they are in a business that comes with risk. In an attempt to limit this risk, most parks will place written waivers around their property. When properly constructed, these waivers can limit or eliminate a park’s liability in case of an accident. Many parks do not properly write these waivers.

According to Ramirez v. 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc., an effective waiver must provide specific language concerning the type of incident to which the waiver applies. Additionally, that waiver must be in bold or colorful font to make a patron aware of that waiver. Still, courts have long debated the legal consequences of a waiver, and whether a waiver provided enough warning of a danger is ultimately a matter for a jury to decide. A knowledgeable Grand Prairie water park injury lawyer could help to determine whether a waiver may apply to a plaintiff’s injuries and if that waiver is likely to be effective in the eyes of the law.

Statute of Limitations

Another common obstacle to water park injury cases is the statute of limitations. Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code §16.003 provides people with only two years following an accident to pursue their claims. It is vital to act quickly to protect one’s legal rights.

A Grand Prairie Water Park Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

Injuries that occur at Grand Prairie water parks can have an immense impact on your life. Incidents that result in broken bones, separated joints, traumatic brain injuries, or drowning can impact your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. There is no dispute that water parks must take all reasonable steps to prevent these injuries. However, many parks will attempt to limit their liability by arguing that a waiver applies to your case.

A Grand Prairie water park injury attorney may be able to help you pursue your claim. They could stand by your side to explain your rights under the law, to evaluate the actions of the water park, and to demand proper compensation for your losses. Even in cases that may end with a tragic drowning, an attorney could help family members to help set things right. Call today to get started on your case.