Mistakes To Avoid After A Truck Accident In Grand Prairie

There are many steps a person should take after a truck accident attorney. Often, individuals make serious mistakes, which can hurt their case and chances to recover compensation. After a tractor-trailer accident, you should seek help from an experienced legal professional. The quicker you reach out to a seasoned truck accident attorney, the better equipped they are to maximize the compensation award. Get in touch with a knowledgeable lawyer to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Grand Prairie.

Admitting Fault After a Crash

Admitting fault could severely hurt a person’s case. It is never recommended to admit fault because, after a crash, their heart is racing, their mind is in a tizzy, and they might not be thinking logically. And if they admit fault in that heightened state, then it might hurt them later. They might admit fault in error because the crash may not be their fault.

There are a lot of factors that go into proving fault in a crash. Depending on the circumstances, what the injured party says after the fact might not hold much weight, but it could be a factor in the determination. So it is best not to admit fault.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment is many times a mistake because the harm may not be immediately apparent. In some instances, it might take hours, days, or even weeks until symptoms are present. So that factors into impacting their legal claim. Refusing medical attention and treatment reduces their ability to win. They can reduce the value of their case by not acting swiftly with medical treatment.

The defense will often use this as leverage to prove their case, saying that the claimant was not actually hurt, so they did not get medical treatment immediately. The insurance companies use this as a way to lower settlement or attempt to deny a claim. After getting involved in an accident, we suggest they go directly to an emergency room. This certainly helps maintain the value of their claim against the negligent party.

Failing To Follow The Doctor’s Orders

Failing to following doctor’s orders or not following up with medical treatment can severely harm a person’s case. If a person is truly injured, they should be following the doctor’s orders and getting the medical treatment that they need. The treatments are a crucial step in improving with the injuries that are directly related to the crash. If the claimant goes to the emergency room right after the crash, it could help prove the injuries were caused by the crash.

But sometimes injured victims have a gap in treatment. This is where there is a delay from the date of injury, and when the injured party follows up with the doctor. The longer the gap, the more it hurts the case. There are reasons why a person who is legitimately injured might delay, but one of those might be that they do not immediately realize they are seriously injured.

Regardless of the reason, a gap in treatment can reduce the value of the case. That is why it is imperative to get immediate treatment, follow the doctor’s orders, and stay on track with their medical treatment plan.

Accepting Settlements To Early

It is always a mistake to accept a settlement offer too early. An attorney could do all of the negotiations on behalf  of the claimant and advise them on when they should accept a settlement. It is not recommended to ever accept compensation without consulting with an attorney. This is because often, the insurance companies will try to do what is called swoop and settle. They will make a lowball offer and may try to convince the injured person to accept, or they will not get any other compensation. The complete fabrication on the part of the insurance carrier, they lie, have tricky tactics in order to try to reduce the amount that they pay out. Always reach out to the attorney to get advice in order to maximize their settlement.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Could Help Today

When you retain the services of a skilled truck accident attorney, it is their duty to handle the case and work it up. A knowledgeable attorney could work and negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf. An attorney could work with the medical providers and ensure you are getting the treatment you deserve when the treatment is complete, getting the medical records, and collecting evidence.

A lawyer could also create a demand package and negotiate the demand on your behalf. If negotiations are unsuccessful, then your attorney could work on filing a lawsuit. It is an attorney’s job to make sure you avoid major mistakes in your case and help you get the maximum amount of money for your damages. Call today to learn about the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Grand Prairie.