Grand Prairie Side Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

Side impact truck crashes between two motor vehicles can lead to devastating consequences. When one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck, these consequences are often catastrophic.

Side impact truck collisions, also known as T-bone accidents, involve the front of a commercial truck colliding with the side of another vehicle. These accidents are often fatal for occupants of the vehicle struck in the side, as the doors and windows of a car offer little in the way of crash absorption. The resulting injuries are often life-changing for the victims of the crash.

Following a side-impact crash, a skilled truck accident attorney could help the victims of the crash pursue monetary compensation for the injuries. From medical bills to missed paychecks, this compensation could be significant. A consultation with a Grand Prairie side-impact truck accident lawyer could provide useful information regarding the strength of your claim.

Legal Duty in a Side Impact Truck Accident

Every truck driver owes other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists a duty to drive safely when on Grand Prairie roadways. Additionally, these operators are required to comply with a number of federal regulations that specifically apply to truck operators. Violating any of these duties could increase the risk of a t-bone truck crash.

Truck drivers must abide by the rules of the road like every other motorist. These rules play a crucial role in allowing motorists to travel freely and safely. When a truck driver violates these rules, they put everyone in the vicinity at risk. Negligent acts that commonly lead to side-impact crashes could involve speeding or running a red light. Intersections are a common location for side-impact crashes. If a truck driver runs a red light, they risk colliding with traffic that has the right of way.

Violating federal trucking regulations could also play a role in a crash. Truck drivers and their employers must comply with certain weight restrictions. When a truck weighs more than legal maximums, it makes it challenging to bring the truck to a halt. This can lead to commercial trucks sliding into intersections and causing a crash. Regardless of the nature of the collision, a knowledgeable Grand Prairie attorney could assist the victim of a side-impact truck accident in seeking monetary compensation for their losses.

The Deadline to File a T-Bone Collision Lawsuit

There are strict time limits that apply to personal injury cases. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code 2 Section 16.003, injured claimants have two years after the date of their collision to file a claim. This legal deadline is also referred to as the statute of limitations. The purpose of the statute is to ensure that injury claims are timely filed and prevent lengthy delays between the filing of a lawsuit and the date the accident occurred. This deadline is strictly enforced, but a skilled Grand Prairie side-impact truck accident attorney could help a victim abide by this deadline.

Retain the Services of a Grand Prairie Side Impact Truck Accident Attorney

Following a T-bone collision, an injured victim often sustains physical injuries as well as emotional and financial hardships. The costs of a severe injury could be devastating to a family. Let an experienced attorney help you seek the compensation you need.

A Grand Prairie side-impact truck accident lawyer could focus on the legal elements of your case while you focus on your recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation.