Damages in Grapevine Bus Accident Cases

While bus accidents are rare in Texas, they can cause serious and long-lasting harm when they occur, often to multiple passengers and people nearby. Whether you suffered relatively minor injuries that will eventually heal entirely or have sustained life-altering trauma in an incident like this, you have a right to demand restitution for various forms of harm you have already experienced and will experience in the future due to your injuries.

However, identifying and accurately valuing your damages can be much trickier than you might expect: the same can be said for navigating the unique rules and restrictions that apply to civil litigation against municipalities and local governments. Having help from a knowledgeable public transportation crash lawyer can make a huge difference in demanding and obtaining fair compensation for damages in Grapevine bus accident cases.

Recovering Economic and Non-Economic Losses for a Bus Collision

Proving that another driver’s reckless or careless misconduct was the leading cause of a bus accident can help the injured crash victim obtain restitution for their harm, including payments for their medical expenses. Additionally, it is possible to recover both economic and non-economic damages after a bus wreck, meaning losses with objective monetary values and completely subjective based on an individual plaintiff’s experiences.

Recovering economic payments after a bus wreck in Grapevine is typically based on the plaintiff’s medical expenses for any past or future injury-related costs. Incorporating the plaintiff’s lost income, diminished earning capacity due to long-term injury, and expenses like rental car fees into a comprehensive claim is also possible.

Non-economic recovery usually centers around one type of loss in particular—in this case, physical “pain and suffering”—but can also include a host of other damages. After a serious bus crash, it may be necessary to seek restitution for physical pain and emotional and psychological trauma, including lost consortium and lost enjoyment of life.

Are There Limits on Recoverable Damages for Bus Wrecks?

Importantly, the Texas Tort Claims Act sets “caps”—or maximum limits—on how much compensation a plaintiff can demand from a government entity for injuries caused by the negligence of the entity or one of its employees. Additionally, the law limits how much compensation any one government defendant can be required to pay for an accident. For a case against a “unit of local government,” the applicable caps are $100,000 for the plaintiff’s injuries, $300,000 for all plaintiffs’ injuries, and $100,000 for the property damage resulting from the bus accident. Claims against “municipalities” have respective caps of $250,000, $500,000, and $100,000.

A Skilled Attorney in Grapevine Could Help Maximize Damages in a Bus Accident Case

Getting paid fairly after a severe bus accident is just as much a matter of knowing the law as being able to enforce your legal rights. Assistance from dedicated legal counsel can be vital to your claim’s success, especially for people dealing with severe and potentially permanent injuries.

During a confidential consultation, a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer could answer your questions about damages in Grapevine bus accident cases. Schedule a meeting with our team today and learn more about how you could obtain compensation for your crash-related injuries.