School Bus Accidents in Grapevine

Despite their large size, school buses are not safe from traffic accidents that can potentially cause severe injuries to children. Even worse, sometimes accidents of this nature stem not from someone else’s negligence on the road but rather from the bus driver and, by association, the school district that employs them.

School bus accidents in Grapevine can lead to incredibly complex civil claims, which makes it particularly important to have help from experienced legal representation when pursuing a lawsuit. A knowledgeable bus accident lawyer could ensure you understand your legal rights, help you build the strongest case possible, and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the restitution you deserve.

Who Could Be Liable for a School Bus Accident?

Often, the person most directly to blame for a school bus accident in Grapevine is the bus operator—for example, because they violated a traffic law, drove while intoxicated or otherwise impaired, or became distracted and took their eyes off the road. That said, it is not always beneficial to demand civil compensation solely from the driver who caused the bus collision since these individuals are rarely the only people who bear fault for crashes.

Instead, under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, it is possible to hold the school district that employs the negligent bus driver civilly liable for the operator’s misconduct. In some situations, school district officials may be primarily to blame for a school bus crash—for example, when the district knowingly hires an unqualified driver and fails to provide appropriate training before allowing them to transport students.

In other scenarios, the fault may lie with the mechanic or maintenance company that failed to ensure the bus was operating safely, the manufacturer who made the bus with a serious defect, or someone else on the road whose negligence resulted in an unavoidable collision. Guidance from a seasoned attorney in Grapevine can be vital in identifying the correct defendant(s) to name in a school bus accident claim and effectively seeking restitution from them.

How State Law May Limit Civil Recovery

State law outlines an exception to the “diplomatic immunity” to civil liability, which government employees and agencies usually enjoy. This concept applies specifically to motor vehicle accidents. However, the Texas Tort Claims Act puts several unique restrictions on litigation against government entities that do not apply to other civil cases.

Most notably, local governments can only be held liable for $100,000 of personal injury damages per person and $300,000 per school bus collision. On top of that, deadlines exist for providing notice to a school district of intent to file suit. This timeframe can vary substantially from place to place but typically falls within the standard two-year filing deadline for other personal injury lawsuits in Grapevine.

A Capable Attorney in Grapevine Could Help After a School Bus Accident

School bus drivers and the districts they work for have a responsibility under state law to transport children in their care safely and securely. Any breach of that duty which leads to your child suffering an avoidable injury could be the basis for civil litigation that, if successful, could compensate you and your family for the impact of a negligent party’s irresponsibility.

Getting positive results from claims for school bus accidents in Grapevine is generally much easier with support from experienced legal representation. Call today to discuss your options.