Grapevine Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Grapevine has some beautiful trails, making the area a great place to walk. However, when you are walking near traffic, Grapevine can be a very dangerous place to be for a pedestrian. Accidents often result in catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one were hit by a motor vehicle while walking, a Grapevine pedestrian accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer could explain your options and fight on your behalf to help you achieve a fair outcome.

Determining Who is at Fault for a Collision

In most accident cases, a combination of factors leads to the moment of impact. For instance, in a pedestrian accident case, a motorist may turn a corner too quickly and hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk or back up without looking for pedestrians behind the vehicle. Many pedestrian accidents occur when a driver leaves the roadway and hits a pedestrian on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road. A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in Grapevine could investigate to determine the causes leading to the accident and the parties who may be held accountable.

Sometimes, an accident victim’s conduct contributes to the causation, since as in cases where a pedestrian steps outside of a crosswalk. Under the state’s proportionate responsibility law in Texas Civil Practices & Remedies  Code §33.001, a pedestrian accident victim can still recover from other responsible parties as long as the accident victim is no more than 50 percent at fault.

The amount the injured claimant receives will be reduced by their proportion of liability.

The Statute of Limitations in Grapevine

For a variety of reasons, it is wise to avoid delay before taking steps toward recovery action. First, the state statute of limitations requires a pedestrian accident claim to be prepared and filed no later than two years after the accident date. It can take time to locate evidence and build support for the best arguments supporting a claim, so it is wise to give a pedestrian accident lawyer in Grapevine as much time as possible to prepare.

Another reason to work toward legal recovery soon after an accident is that the best evidence is available shortly after the accident. As time passes, witnesses’ memories fade, and it can even be hard to locate witnesses. The scene of the accident will change, and video footage showing the collision could be erased unless someone acts promptly to save it.

Consult a Grapevine Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Early representation by a knowledgeable Grapevine pedestrian accident lawyer can help prevent missteps that could jeopardize the accident victim’s right to recover damages for medical expenses, pain, and other accident effects. In an effort to be polite, sometimes a person suffering injuries may make statements that can be taken out of context and used against them to deny liability.

Working with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney could enable you to take advantage of the best opportunities to recover compensation to offset your losses. Call today to discuss your case and legal options.