Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident in Grapevine

Each step you take after a pedestrian accident in Grapevine is crucial. By acting quickly and proactively, you could protect your health and your right to pursue legal action against the motorist that hit you.

In the aftermath of a crash, your health should be your priority. However, exercising your legal right to file a civil lawsuit is also essential. Fortunately, a skilled pedestrian crash attorney could take the lead in your case so you can focus on your recovery. Let a dedicated injury attorney explain the best steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Grapevine and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Contact the Police

In most cases, contacting the police should be the first step in a pedestrian collision in Grapevine. Then, the dispatcher can send emergency medical assistance and ensure law enforcement’s arrival at the accident scene.

Likewise, notifying law enforcement after pedestrian crashes is necessary for the success of a civil claim. In many cases, contacting the police is required, but it could also benefit a case’s success. For example, the arriving officer at the accident scene will complete a police report, which could be crucial evidence in an accident claim.

Seek Medical Care

Seeking medical care right away after a collision on foot is vital. For serious injuries, this care is more important than any other step. Even if an injury does not seem to require an ambulance ride to the emergency room, being evaluated by a medical provider could benefit your health and your claim.

For example, injuries do not always appear to be severe. The human body releases endorphins that block nerve cells from feeling pain in stressful situations, initially making a serious injury seem minor. However, the pain can return quickly once a person’s adrenaline fades. Seeing a doctor in Grapevine following an incident could lead to a faster recovery.

Collect Evidence

The law offers limited time to investigate how a pedestrian accident occurred. Likewise, significant evidence is not always preserved at an accident scene. Therefore, collecting evidence immediately after a crash in Grapevine is vital to ensuring that an injured victim has a favorable case outcome. This evidence could include pictures of the vehicle involved in the accident and contact information for witnesses.

Avoid Social Media

Because anything said about the collision could be used against the injured party at trial, it is wise to discuss case specifics with an attorney in Grapevine and avoid posting on social media platforms about the accident. Often, insurance companies monitor the social media accounts of injury victims closely.

For example, insurers might search for an injured person’s posts on social media that suggest an injury is not serious. Insurers can also twist a victim’s words to imply an admission of fault for a pedestrian crash. Avoid discussing an accident on social media to prevent this from happening.

Talk to an Attorney after a Pedestrian Accident in Grapevine

If you suffered injuries in a collision on foot, contact an attorney to discuss steps to take after a pedestrian crash in Grapevine. The right attorney could ensure your rights are protected as you pursue justice. To maximize your recovery, reach out to a lawyer for a private consultation today.