Safety Precautions for Grapevine Pedestrians

If you regularly travel by foot, there are many safety precautions for Grapevine pedestrians to keep in mind. However, while taking steps to protect yourself is essential, the actions of the motorists around you will play a significant role in determining when accidents happen.

Unfortunately, when drivers are careless, serious pedestrian accidents can happen. Sadly, these collisions can lead to life-changing bodily injuries. If you were hurt in an accident on foot, let a knowledgeable pedestrian crash attorney review your case and advise you on your path toward justice.

Pay Attention to Drivers Nearby

One of the most important things for pedestrians in Grapevine to keep in mind while walking is to stay alert. For example, walkers and joggers should never assume that having the right-of-way means an accident cannot happen. In fact, many pedestrian accidents occur in places where pedestrians have the right of way.

Unfortunately, many motorists veer into sidewalks, causing devastating injuries to those on foot. Therefore, keeping an eye out for negligent drivers could go a long way toward staying safe while walking in the city, crossing the street, or traveling on a sidewalk.

Stay Out of the Roadway

Pedestrians have the right to cross roadways at certain points and frequently have the right-of-way at intersections. Despite these crosswalks, accidents can happen quickly when careless or reckless drivers become distracted. Avoiding a collision with a motor vehicle is much easier when pedestrians limit the time they are in or near a roadway.

Additionally, walkers or joggers in Grapevine should only cross the street when necessary and utilize marked crosswalks or intersections. However, if there is no sidewalk, pedestrians should travel as far from the road on the shoulder as possible. The closer a pedestrian is to traffic, the more risk they take of being an accident victim.

Illumination in the Dark

Because dark lighting can make it difficult for motorists to see pedestrians, most fatal pedestrian accidents occur between dusk and dawn. These incidents are even more likely to occur in areas where streetlights do not exist. Thankfully, there are steps that pedestrians can take to reduce the risk of being struck.

When walking in the dark, it is helpful to wear light-colored clothing visible in low light. Another common safety measure for pedestrians involves reflective vests or flashing lights that make it clear they are in or near the roadway in Grapevine.

 Avoid Impairment

Sadly, drinking and driving is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Walking while intoxicated can also be particularly dangerous. The consumption of alcohol reduces a pedestrian’s reaction time, making it more difficult to avoid dangerous drivers.

Likewise, walking while impaired also impacts a person’s decision-making ability. For instance, an impaired pedestrian is more likely to take risks and disregard safety when crossing busy roads or highways in Grapevine. This risky behavior could increase the likelihood of a devastating accident with a motor vehicle.

Talk to an Attorney About Safety Precautions for Grapevine Pedestrians

There are several safety precautions for Grapevine pedestrians to take to avoid a crash. However, many pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles despite their best efforts. In these cases, an attorney might be able to help. A civil lawsuit against driver responsible for your accident could provide you with financial compensation for your injuries. Reach out immediately to set up your confidential consultation.