Mansfield Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you are paralyzed, then you have been through a traumatic and life-altering experience. Even after your immediate injuries heal, you face a new normal going forward, and you and your family will need to adapt to this new way of life. The medical and rehabilitation expenses from the ordeal are piling up, and someone must pay them. Know that you have the right to seek financial compensation from the responsible party to help you with those costs.

A skilled Mansfield paralysis injury lawyer knows the law and the best path for seeking compensation for your injuries. An attorney experienced in catastrophic injuries such as yours will work with you and your family to identify the appropriate responsible party and fight to get you the money you deserve.

Different Forms and Severities of Paralysis

Paralysis comes in many forms and severities:

  • Monoplegia – paralysis in one section or limb of the body
  • Hemiplegia – paralysis to one side of the body
  • Paraplegia – paralysis below the waist
  • Triplegia – paralysis of both legs and one arm
  • Quadriplegia – full paralysis below the neck

With any form of paralysis, life going forward will be vastly different, and there will be costs that go beyond medical bills. Now is the time to prepare for such costs by working with a paralysis injury attorney to understand your right to compensation.

How Paralysis Injuries Occur and Who Should be Responsible

Some people suffer paralysis as a result of a congenital disease or other neurological conditions. However, many times, paralysis is caused by traumatic brain damage, acute spinal cord injury, or a stroke.

Bodily Injury from Other People’s Actions

A person can suffer bodily injury to their head, neck, or back from someone’s actions that could render them paralyzed. For example, a drunk, distracted, or sleep-deprived driver could hit another driver or a pedestrian and cause injuries to their back, rendering them paralyzed.

Product Defects

A person can suffer paralysis as a result of working with dangerous equipment that is faulty. When heavy machinery, ladders or other equipment fail, their manufacturers may be liable.

Slip and Fall

A government or business could create an unsafe condition on their property that can cause a person to fall and become paralyzed, and they may be held liable for allowing that condition to exist.

Foreseeable Medical Complications

A hospital or doctor might be responsible if there were signs of a stroke or other condition that went ignored that rendered the patient paralyzed.

Financial Impact of Paralysis

In any catastrophic injury, there will be high medical costs, but paralysis victims must bear a financial burden that lasts for the rest of their life. Depending on age and severity, a person could face millions of dollars’ worth of future costs directly related to their injuries, including:

  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Modifications to home (ramps and showers)
  • Adding wheelchair access to vehicles
  • Electric wheelchairs with voice or breathing devices
  • Medication and catheters
  • Orthotics and ventilators

Process for Filing a Claim

Plaintiffs have two years to file a claim for damages for paralysis injuries, and they must generally prove that there was a duty of care that the responsible party breached that caused their injuries. Under Texas law, plaintiffs can seek both economic and non-economic damages. However, there are limitations to the extent the plaintiff was also at fault. An experienced attorney in Mansfield will be able to work through the facts related to your paralysis injury to identify the responsible parties and determine if you have a valid claim.

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