Mansfield Slip and Fall Lawyer

Thousands of slip and fall accidents happen daily across the United States, some of which result in severe injuries. These accidents do not just happen for no reason. They happen because someone has been negligent and created a hazard that can be harmful to others. A Mansfield slip and fall lawyer may be able to assess your situation and determine whether you have a viable personal injury action.

You might be allowed to recover various damages related to your injuries if negligence caused you to slip and fall on property belonging to others. Whether the negligence occurred due to failure to warn of hazards or unsafe conditions that property owners had a duty to remedy, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. A seasoned personal injury lawyer may be in the best position to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf in a personal injury claim.

Premises Liability Law In Mansfield

Personal injury claims stemming from injuries resulting from slips, trips, and falls on property belonging to others fall under the broad category of premises liability law. To maintain a successful personal injury claim based on a premises liability, individuals typically must prove four main elements:

  • The owners of the property owed a duty of reasonable care to people who were legally present on their property
  • The property owners breached that duty of reasonable care in some way
  • The breach in duty proximately caused others to suffer injuries
  • Individuals suffered damages as a direct result of their injuries

One of the most common scenarios that leads to a slip and fall accident is a dangerous condition in a store or other business that is open to the public. Businesses owe the highest duty of care to their customers and others that are legally present on the property for the proprietor’s benefit. When they fail to keep conditions reasonably safe or warn others of hazardous conditions, they can be liable for the resulting injuries.

A private landowner also can be responsible for the injuries that others sustain in slip and fall accidents on their property. For instance, if homeowners host barbecues for their neighbors or a birthday party for children, they could face liability if they fail to warn individuals about a hazard or fail to remedy the danger to prevent injuries to others in a timely manner. In this situation, getting the advice of a slip and fall lawyer in Mansfield may be critical.

Common Sources of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls that lead to injuries can occur in various circumstances. For instance, shoppers at a retail store may slip on water or other puddles of liquids spilled on the floor. Customers may trip over objects left in the aisles of stores, uneven flooring, cracked floor tiles, and holes in carpeting.

Likewise, cracked and uneven pavement, insufficient or unstable handrails, or crumbling steps outside a store or business all can lead to slips and falls. If business owners fail to reasonably warn people about potential hazards or eliminate hazards in a timely fashion, they can face liability if others suffer injuries.

Furthermore, property owners have a reasonable duty to inspect their property and identify and remedy hazards frequently. A lack of knowledge about a dangerous condition that has existed for months is likely no defense against a personal injury claim if it leads to injuries to others. Contacting a slip and fall attorney in Mansfield may be the most effective means of evaluating your potential claim for compensation.

Call a Mansfield Slip and Fall Attorney for Advice

When you or a loved one is injured in a slip and fall accident, understanding your rights is essential. You may be entitled to damages to help with medical bills, lost wages, and more. Working with a Mansfield slip and fall lawyer may allow you to hold others accountable for their negligent behavior and get help with unexpected injury-related expenses.

Instead of trying to navigate the confusing world of insurance claims on your own, get the legal advice that you need in this situation. While you focus on your physical and mental recovery, your legal advocate could work toward getting you a settlement of your claim. Call now to get started.