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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), in many instances, can result in long-term physical and mental complications or even death. The debilitating effects of brain injuries can last for the rest of a person’s life, and they may struggle to manage everyday tasks. If you have had a traumatic brain injury, you know that the physical and mental suffering is compounded by the constant medical bills and additional expenses resulting from your injury. You deserve to be free of financial anxiety so that you can focus on the rest of your life.

A Mansfield traumatic brain injury lawyer can guide you and your family through all stages of the process to submit a claim against the party responsible for your injuries. Let a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney fight on your behalf to help you recover compensation for damages.

What are the Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury is typically a result of sudden and violent impact or jolt of the head or an object damaging brain tissue, such as a bullet or piece of skull. The severity of brain injuries varies, and less severe injuries may only affect the brain cells for a short period, whereas more severe brain injuries often result in physical damage to the brain, such as bruising, bleeding, or torn tissue.

Typical symptoms of traumatic brain injury can include:

Physical Symptoms

  • Loss of consciousness, being dazed or disoriented
  • Headache or dizziness
  • Repeated vomiting or constant nausea
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Speech issues or slurring words
  • Difficulty sleeping to too much sleeping

Sensory & Cognitive Symptoms

  • Blurry vision, ringing in the ears or changes in smell
  • Increased sensitivity to sound or light
  • Memory loss or issues concentrating
  • Mood changes or mood swings including depression or anxiety

What Are The Long-Term Effects of a TBI?

Long term effects could be loss of motor skills, trouble speaking, memory loss, seizures, inability to work, mood changes including depression, anxiety, or anger.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries & Risk Factors

Brain injuries can occur at home, at work or in other contexts. The most common causes are falls, whether from bed or a ladder, downstairs, in the bath. Another very common cause is vehicle-related trauma – collisions involving cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles. Sports injuries are also quite common, particularly in high-impact sports like football, hockey or boxing. In addition, violence can also cause brain injuries, including domestic violence, child abuse, gunshot wounds, or assault.

Although anyone can suffer a traumatic brain injury, certain groups of people are particularly vulnerable, including very young children, young adults who may be more reckless, and seniors age 60 or older.

Who Should be Responsible for Costs of Brain Injury?

A person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury will have significant expenses for the foreseeable future, including:

  • Medical bills and loss of work from initial injuries
  • Expenses related to infections and other complications
  • Pain and suffering from headaches, vertigo, and altered senses
  • Loss of earning potential from cognitive problems and decreased ability to concentrate
  • Rehabilitation and counseling

In the State of Texas, most cases involving a traumatic brain injury is based on negligence. Responsible parties may include individuals who injured the victim due to negligence or intentional acts, businesses who created an unsafe work environment or otherwise acted negligently, product manufacturers or operators, or hospitals and medical professionals if their negligence compounded the issues as a result of complications. A skilled Mansfield traumatic brain injury attorney can work to make sense of the facts, identify the responsible party, and guide the plaintiff through proving that the defendant breached of duty that caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

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