The Texas Law Dog Animal Rescue Scholarship Winners

2019 Winner: Sarah Aminzadeh

Biography: I grew up in Plano, Texas, with my parents and two brothers. I am a triplet! All three of us went to Collin College for the first few semesters and then transferred to the University of North Texas. I graduated with a degree in Psychology knowing it would be great knowledge to have going into law school. I am currently a 2L at UNT Dallas College of Law. Law school has been an incredible journey, and UNT Dallas has been nothing but supportive of my passion for animals. I always knew I wanted to go to law school, but I could never figure out why. It wasn’t until I got involved in the Animal Legal Defense Fund that I found my reason!

In her own words: I am so blessed and honored to be awarded this scholarship! Funnily enough, despite my school’s regular Scholarship Opportunities emails, it wasn’t until five classmates informed me of this scholarship that I decided to look into it. I must have (inadvertently) made it obvious that I am a big animal lover and advocate! It is so reassuring to know that law firms like Aulsbrook Law Firm support animal rescue organizations. It is this kind of support that our community needs! It truly is such an honor to be awarded this scholarship. I cannot thank Aulsbrook Law Firm enough!