Southlake Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle wrecks are complicated, and while the parties may share negligence, a biker is much more likely to bear the brunt of injuries. Motorbikes do not provide the same protection as cars; even a minor crash can result in severe harm. Paying for injuries and taking time to recover can be incredibly expensive, so it is critical to determine who is more responsible for the accident to gain rightful compensation.

It complicates the situation when one — or both — parties are drunk during the wreck. Alcohol is involved in almost half of all motorbike crashes, but this does not minimize the complexity of determining fault.

Evidence that someone was intoxicated could help establish negligence. However, the drunk individual may not be primarily responsible for the collision. The guidance of a well-practiced motorcycle crash attorney could be beneficial in these cases. Call today when you are stuck in the aftermath of a motorbike wreck. A Southlake drunk driving motorcycle accident lawyer could help you understand how courts determine negligence and fault.

Motorcycle Wrecks Are Dangerous

While the majority of passenger vehicle accidents do not result in injuries, motorcycle crashes are different. Most of these cases lead to severe harm or death, and even if the collision occurs at low speeds, bikers are vulnerable. In addition, collisions can cause ejection, which is when the biker flies, falls, or skids off their bike. As a result, they may land on their head, neck, or back, leading to traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

Protective Gear to Reduce Risk of Injuries

Bikers can lessen the risk of severe injuries by wearing protective equipment. However, Texas Transportation Code § 661.001 does not require this for most riders. The law enforces wearing a helmet with no exceptions for motorbikers under 21.

Those over 21 can forego a helmet if they take a motorcycle safety course or carry insurance coverage for their potential injuries. Similarly, the law does not require other types of protective equipment, such as special footwear, gloves, or protective clothing. Regardless of the law, bikers who wear full protection could prevent serious and life-altering consequences when in a crash.

Speeding, bad weather, or heavy vehicles can escalate the likelihood and severity of injuries in a motorcycle wreck. While bikers can control their behavior, they have no power over other drivers, vehicles, and weather conditions. A Southlake attorney could explain how different elements impact a drunk-driving motorbike accident in more detail.

The Impact of Alcohol on Motorcycle Crashes

Interestingly enough, if a biker is intoxicated at the time of an accident, it could potentially spare them severe injuries or save their life. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it relaxes the body and inhibits the release of chemicals that cause it to tense up in stressful or dangerous situations.

The more relaxed the body, the less likely it will experience traumatic physical harm. So, while biker intoxication increases the risk of a wreck, it also reduces the likelihood of serious injuries.

Typically, if a person takes actions that mitigate the likelihood of harsh injuries, one would consider that factor when determining fault. However, evidence that someone operating a vehicle was intoxicated will never reduce a factfinder’s determination of negligence.

While being drunk may help prevent severe harm, it still makes a collision much more likely. A lawyer in Southlake who handles motorcycle collisions will look at other factors that led to the accident, not just the drunk driving.

Biking and Drinking

Many people still associate biking culture with drugs and alcohol. Bikers are often seen as partiers, even though motorcycles appeal to individuals in all sections of society. Still, motorbike riders are more likely to be intoxicated when they are in fatal wrecks than other drivers.

Drinking impairs reaction time, which may be even more dangerous for motorcyclists than drivers. Bikers should be aware that drinking considerably contributes to crashes that could result in severe injuries and fatalities. A legal professional in Southlake who has in-depth experience in handling drunk driving motorbike cases could provide more information.

Speak to a Southlake Attorney About Drunk Driving Motorcycle Collisions

Even when you were intoxicated at the time of an accident, you may still be able to recover from the other parties. Texas is a modified comparative fault state, meaning that a person can recover as long as they are not more than 50 percent responsible for the crash.

That means that, even if you were intoxicated, you could be entitled to damages as long as you do not have the majority of the responsibility for the wreck. Schedule a consultation with a Southlake drunk driving motorcycle accident lawyer today to learn more.