Southlake Out-of-State Motorcycle Accidents

When you are in a motor vehicle accident, the state laws where it occurred apply. Out-of-state bikers who have a crash in Texas are subject to state laws. Likewise, Texans who wreck outside of the state must comply with the laws of that region. Since every state has different rules regarding insurance requirements, determining negligence, and road regulations, the applicable law can significantly affect collision recovery.

Given the severity of most motorcycle wrecks, hiring counsel is always a good idea. It becomes even more necessary when the biker is not in their home state, as the legal issues can become complex. A dedicated attorney who handles Southlake out-of-state motorcycle accidents could provide non-resident motorcyclists with all the information they need on Texas bike crashes. They could also connect with lawyers in different regions to ensure that Texas bikers in collisions outside of the state have the representation they need.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Texas and the Surrounding Areas

Texas does not require headgear for bikers over the age of 21. However, to opt out of wearing a helmet, they must carry insurance for their potential injuries or complete a state-approved motorcycle safety course. While police officers cannot pull over a motorcyclist simply for failure to wear a helmet, it can play a role in negligence determinations.

The states surrounding Texas have various helmet rules and laws. New Mexico and Oklahoma do not require riders over 18 to wear helmets but enforce protective eyewear or a windshield. Arkansas laws are similar to Texas’s, with riders over 21 allowed to opt out of helmets. Additionally, Louisiana requires helmets for all riders of all ages, with few exceptions.

Bikers who cross the border into Mexico should know that helmets and motorcycle insurance are mandatory there. So, even people riding into Texas from adjacent states may have different helmet requirements.

Wearing a helmet dramatically reduces the likelihood of severe injuries or death, regardless of state regulations. Failure to comply with the law is proof of negligence, and in areas where a helmet is required, failure to wear one may hurt a case. A Southlake lawyer who handles out-of-state motorcycle collisions could help navigate these issues.

Motorcycle Laws in Different States

While traffic rules are similar in every state, most have a quirky law or two that drivers should know; this is especially true with motorcycles. For example, some states prohibit lane-splitting, others allow it under exceptional circumstances, and California actively promotes it. However, Texas and the surrounding states all forbid this practice.

Typically, states prohibit dangerous behavior. For example, wheelies are illegal nationwide. If something seems reckless or risky, a biker should assume it is prohibited unless they check that state’s laws. A local attorney could help out-of-state Southlake motorcycle riders understand Texas rules and regulations.

Motorcycle Passengers Laws

Motorcycle passengers have some of the same obligations as riders. For example, if a state has a mandatory helmet law that applies to passengers, it would be negligent if they did not observe this. However, many factfinders hold passengers to a lower standard than drivers.

Texas is a modified comparative negligence state and allows a party to recover unless they are more than 50 percent responsible for their injuries. That difference between passengers and riders can be critical to recovery. A seasoned legal team could help Southlake out-of-state riders and passengers in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Learn More About Out-of-State Motorcycle Accidents in Southlake

Motorcycle riders in Southlake must follow state laws. It does not matter if the driver is from Texas, one of the surrounding states, or even outside the U.S. border.

Getting into a wreck away from your home state can be complicated as people often need immediate medical care but are far away from family and loved ones. In addition, their health insurance coverage may not easily translate to out-of-state or have required motorcycle health insurance coverage.

Fortunately, you do not have to unravel these complications on your own. Schedule a consultation with a local attorney; they could provide all the information you need about Southlake out-of-state motorcycle accidents. Call today.