Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures in Colleyville

Bicycles offer children a sense of independence and provide adults with a great way to stay fit. However, bicycle accidents can cause devastating injuries, so it is essential to be educated and prepared before riding.

Bicycle safety and preventative measures in Colleyville are simple but can make a big difference. Follow these tips to stay safe and enjoy your ride.

Bicycle Safety Laws

It is always safest to bike on off-road trails. Cyclists have the right to use the roads, but drivers are not always respectful of people on bicycles. Children should especially stay off the public roads when riding to the best of their abilities.

Cyclists traveling on the roads must follow all traffic laws. They should use bike lanes when they are available, but if not, Texas Transportation Code § 551.103 requires them to stay as far to the right as possible. However, a cyclist is entitled to occupy a lane when avoiding obstacles or hazards on the road shoulder, passing a stopped or slower-moving vehicle, or preparing to turn left. In Colleyville, bike riders must use their arms to signal their decisions in order to prevent accidents, such as:

  • Left arm fully extended to turn left
  • Right arm fully extended to turn right
  • Left elbow extended and hand pointed down with palm facing behind them to stop

Similarly to auto vehicles, bicyclists must obey stop signs and traffic lights and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Additionally, it is important to pull off the road to use cell phones and not use headphones while biking.

Bike Maintenance

Just as motor vehicles require regular maintenance to operate safely, so do bicycles. Before every ride:

  • Keep the chain clean and lubricated
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Check that the seat is aligned and tight
  • Make sure the brakes are working properly

The law in Colleyville requires bicycles to have a rear reflector as a safety measure for riding at night. Ensure it is clean and attached securely before every ride. When riding in dusty or muddy conditions, wipe it down periodically during the ride to ensure it remains reflective. Check the batteries on the headlight frequently, and always carry extra batteries.

Cyclists should know how to fix a flat and carry a patch kit, spare tire, and pump on their bikes. It is beneficial to travel with duct tape, as a rider can use it to temporarily stabilize broken spokes and make other minor repairs.

Accident Prevention Measures

There are several accident prevention measures for Colleyville bicycle riders to implement into their routine.

Wear a Helmet

The most important action a cyclist can take to keep themselves safe is to wear a helmet. State law does not require helmet use—even for children—but helmets are proven to reduce the risk of serious or fatal head injuries.

Bright Clothing

Wearing bright-colored clothing is another fundamental safety measure. Oftentimes, drivers do not notice cyclists because their focus is on other vehicles. It is up to the cyclist to make themselves as noticeable as possible to attract drivers’ attention.


A cyclist should develop their skills before riding on public streets or roads. They must be able to control their bike, proceed in a straight line without wobbling, and climb any hills they are likely to encounter without dismounting. New cyclists can improve their skills through safety courses and practice rides with cycling groups.

Stay Safe and Prevent Accidents While Biking in Colleyville

Although cycling on public roads can be dangerous, the benefits and pleasures of bike riding outweigh the risks for many people. Sensible precautions can go a long way toward reducing accidents.

If you have been in an accident despite adhering to bicycle safety and preventative measures in Colleyville, contact a skilled bicycle accident attorney immediately to help you obtain appropriate compensation.