What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Colleyville

When a negligent driver causes a bicycle accident that leads to injuries, the injured person has a legal claim for compensation against the driver. However, they must prove their claim.

The actions you take immediately following a bike crash can have a substantial impact on the outcome of your legal case. Working with a dedicated bicycle injury attorney after a crash could save you time and frustration, potentially leading to a more generous settlement or court award. In the meantime, below is some initial advice on what to do after a bicycle accident in Colleyville.

Get Professional Help at the Scene

Immediately call the police after an accident involving a bicycle and a motor vehicle in Colleyville. Texas Vehicles and Traffic Law § 550.026 requires notifying the police if the crash caused injuries or significant property damage. Even when it is not clear that the collision caused sufficient property damage to require a police response, there is a high risk of injury to the cyclist, so the police should be contacted. 

The first responders will likely offer transportation to a hospital, and a cyclist should always accept. The adrenaline rush that occurs after an accident can mask the symptoms of serious injuries. Other injuries may not present symptoms until hours or days later, and medical personnel know how to screen for these. 

Getting immediate medical treatment is critical for the cyclist’s health, but it also supports a later claim for compensation. If the rider insists they do not need to go to an emergency room or can get home without help, an insurance company for the at-fault driver could claim the rider was not hurt in the crash. In contrast, a medical record generated immediately after the wreck clearly ties the injury to the incident.

Collect as Much Evidence as Possible

Insurance companies for at-fault drivers often dispute that the driver caused the accident and try to evade responsibility for paying a cyclist’s claim. The police report and medical record are critical pieces of evidence supporting a cyclist’s claim for compensation.     

If possible, an injured rider should try to obtain proof of events at the scene, such as taking pictures of the crash. They should note the date, time, exact location, weather, and other relevant information like nearby road repair work or similar conditions. They should also get the contact information of as many witnesses as possible.

Immediately following a bicycle collision, the rider should write down or record their recollections of what happened. However, they should not share this information with insurance company representatives. Instead, an injured cyclist should tell the insurer that they will make a statement after consulting a lawyer.     

Limit Communication About the Incident to Everyone Except Your Attorney

Engaging a Colleyville attorney to assist with a claim after a bicycle accident is essential. Insurance companies for the at-fault driver will investigate, looking for evidence to undermine an injured cyclist’s claim. It is critical to limit the evidence they find. Limiting communication with insurers is important, but other steps are also necessary.

An injured person should resist the impulse to share details of the crash, their injuries, and their recovery on social media. Even when the injured person believes they have protected their posts from public scrutiny, an insurance company investigator can often uncover information on social media that they use to question an injured person’s claim.

It is important for an injured person to fully inform their medical team of their symptoms and recovery. An employer may need information if the injured individual needs to take time off work. However, others do not need detailed information about the accident, and an injured person should refrain from discussing it with anyone but their attorney.

Enlist the Help of a Colleyville Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents often cause physical and psychological injuries that require an extended time to heal or become permanent. The negligent driver responsible for the crash should compensate the rider for their losses.

Knowing what to do after a bicycle accident in Colleyville can help preserve a rider’s claims. A legal professional could ensure the rider gets an appropriate sum for their injuries. Schedule a meeting with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after the crash.