Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Colleyville

Riding a bike is a great option for children and adults who want to get outdoors, keep fit, and be environmentally responsible. However, when you are biking on public streets and roads, you also face many potential dangers.

The traffic laws for bicyclists in Colleyville are meant to help cyclists safe. A diligent bicycle accident attorney from our firm could help you understand the laws in more depth, especially if you are seeking compensation for an injury you sustained from a biking accident.

State Law Considers a Bike a Vehicle

When a bicycle is traveling on public roads, the law considers it a vehicle. This means the rider must obey the speed limit, ride in the direction of traffic, come to a complete stop at stop signs and traffic lights, and yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Texting or engaging in any activity that requires the rider to take both hands off the handlebars is against the law. Even when the cyclist does not receive a citation, if they are involved in an accident while distracted, they could be partially at fault for the incident. A Colleyville attorney from Aulsbrook Car & Truck Wreck Injury Lawyers could explain how violating the law or being careless could impact an injured cyclist’s financial recovery after an accident.

Laws About Cyclists’ Use of the Roads

When the road has a dedicated bicycle lane, Colleyville traffic laws state that a bicyclist must use it. If there is not a bicycle lane, they must stay as far to the right as possible. A cyclist may travel in the center of the lane when avoiding hazards on the side of the road, passing a stopped or slower vehicle, or when preparing to make a left turn. Bikes also can travel in the center of the lane when the road is too narrow for a car and a bicycle to safely travel side by side.

Texas Vehicle and Traffic Law § 551.102 limits the passengers on a bicycle to no more than the bike was designed to carry. Riders cannot carry anything on the bike that limits their vision or keeps them from having at least one hand on the handlebars. Additionally, cyclists may not grab or attach themselves to cars or other motor vehicles.

Laws Pertaining to the Bicycle

The state has also enacted laws governing the equipment a bicycle must include. Any bike on a public road must have brakes capable of making the rear wheel skid on dry pavement.

Regulations for Lights

All bikes must have a red reflector on the back. If the cyclist operates at night, the bike must have a white light in front capable of being seen from 500 feet in front of the bike. If the rider has a light on the back of the bike, it must be red and capable of being seen from 500 feet behind the bike. The law does not require a bell.

Requirements for Bike Maintenance

Colleyville traffic laws do not require the inspection of bikes before they are ridden on the public roads, but a prudent cyclist should always ensure their bike is in good repair. It is crucial to clean and lubricate the chain regularly, ensure the seat is mounted securely, and always check the brakes before setting out.

Work With a Colleyville Attorney to Understand Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

Even when a person obeys the traffic laws for bicyclists in Colleyville and takes reasonable steps to keep themselves safe, an accident could happen. The diligent attorneys at our firm could help you seek compensation for your bike injuries. Contact our firm today to speak with one of our lawyers during an initial consultation.