Colleyville Boat Accident Lawyer

One of the best ways to escape the heat is to get out onto the water. Recreational boating is a popular pastime around the Colleyville area. Many people spend their weekends and vacation days in the sun on local waterways. However, not all boating days end happily. Some people experience devastating injuries in boating accidents.

When you are hurt in a waterway collision, a Colleyville boat accident lawyer might be able to help. After reviewing your case, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could determine whether a lawsuit is a realistic option for you.

How Do Boat Crashes Occur in the Colleyville Area?

Boat wrecks happen for many reasons; however, most accidents on the water happen because the person operating the vessel makes a mistake.

Operator Inattention

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of boat collisions. Watercraft drivers often forget about their operating responsibilities. For example, many boaters get carried away talking to their passengers, relaxing in the sun, or looking at the scenery around them. Boaters must always be aware of their surroundings to avoid crashing with another vessel.


Once people get out onto the open water, they often feel they can go as fast as they want. However, waterways have speed limits for a reason. Speeding often causes boat drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Operator Inexperience

New boat operators often find themselves making errors. Although watercraft operators must obtain a boating license to drive a vessel, they do not always spend enough time getting to know how to operate the vehicle or learn basic navigation rules.

Drunk Driving

Being on the water on a sunny day often prompts boaters to crack open an alcoholic beverage while behind the wheel; however, drinking and driving makes it more difficult to respond to hazards.

Machinery Problems

Mechanical failures occasionally lead to waterway accidents. Sometimes, defective boat parts cause collisions; other times, boat parts wear out and must be repaired. A legal representative could determine whether the boat malfunctioned due to a manufacturing defect or lack of maintenance and repairs.

Dangerous Waters

Boaters today have the advantage of being able to look at long-range weather forecasts. That said, when someone ignores reports of an impending storm and takes their boat out on the water, they could be liable for a crash.

An experienced local attorney could review a boat crash case to determine the leading cause and hold the appropriate party accountable.

Common Injuries in Boat Accident Cases

Many serious injuries result from collisions on the water, including the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Hypothermia
  • Contusions and bruising
  • Lacerations
  • Head injuries
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Internal trauma
  • Burns
  • Near drownings

Sadly, some people sustain fatal injuries in boating accidents. A compassionate lawyer in the Colleyville area could help a decedent’s family members pursue justice for their painful loss through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Contact a Colleyville Boat Accident Attorney for Help

After a boat accident, you probably are feeling confused and overwhelmed. You might have extensive physical injuries, leaving you angry, depressed, or anxious. When this is true, you are likely burdened with substantial medical bills.

A Colleyville boat accident lawyer could help you through the legal process. Contact our office today to begin your claim.