Colleyville Child Injury Lawyer

Most children have a natural curiosity for the world around them. Sadly, their young, developing bodies are often more vulnerable to harm than adults. No parent wants their child to suffer an injury, but sometimes, the negligence of other adults, such as daycare workers, can lead to an injury.

When your child suffers an injury in someone else’s care, a Colleyville child injury lawyer can help. A dedicated and understanding civil attorney could identify how the injury happened, determine who is responsible, and pursue a claim on behalf of you and your child.

What Are Common Child Injuries?

Most parents have their children’s best interests in mind when putting them in social settings; however, these settings put kids in potentially dangerous situations. Children face a greater risk of suffering an injury in certain locations than others, such as:

  • Daycare or community centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Pools

Often, these settings have hazardous equipment, and when careless people are present in these locations, the risk of injury is even higher.

Types of Child Injuries

Kids have fragile bodies and undeveloped brains, making them more susceptible to physical and psychological injuries than adults. Common injuries among young children include the following:

  • Broken bones and severed limbs or digits
  • Emotional trauma
  • Suffocation—choking on small objects or drowning
  • Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries

A child can suffer one of these injuries when on an unsafe property or facility or when under the care of a negligent caregiver. Even outside factors, such as a car or bicycle accident, can contribute to the injury. A Colleyville attorney could help identify the cause of the child’s injury and build a comprehensive claim for damages.

Making a Claim for Child Injuries

Filing a claim on behalf of an injured child is subject to a statute of limitations and can be limited by comparative negligence rules, if applicable. A knowledgeable lawyer in Colleyville with experience handling child injury cases can navigate these rules to help families recover the maximum compensation possible.

Timing of a Child Injury Claim

The Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Sections 16.003 & 16.022 establishes a two-year window for filing a claim for any personal injury; however, this timeframe does not apply to a child until they turn 18.

Even with this delay, documenting the injury and consulting with a legal representative can ensure that relevant evidence is preserved quickly.

Comparative Negligence in Texas

When the injured child or their parent is partially at fault for their injuries, the court could reduce their settlement proportionally. Texas Code Section 33.012 describes this as comparative negligence, and Texas Code Section 33.001 prevents a child or their parent from being more than 50% responsible from recovering at all. This rule does not apply to intentional harm caused to a child. Therefore, determining the circumstances that led to the injury is crucial.

Call a Child Injury Attorney in Colleyville for More Information

The effects of a serious child injury can persist through their development and into adulthood. Bringing a claim on behalf of your child can take a huge emotional toll, but an attorney familiar with these cases can work with you and support you throughout the legal process.

A Colleyville child injury lawyer can investigate how a child injury occurred, the extent and severity of the harm, and who is responsible. When your child is injured, speak with an attorney to begin your claim.