Dallas Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Paraplegia—a form of paralysis impacting the lower body—often occurs in the aftermath of a severe physical injury to the neck or back. This condition can make it difficult to maintain employment, care for dependents, or meet your needs.

When you suffer paraplegia due to someone else’s negligence, a dedicated paralysis injury attorney could help you hold them financially responsible for your injuries. Call a Dallas paraplegia injury lawyer today to learn more.

What is Paraplegia?

Medical professionals categorize different types of paralysis based on the parts of the body that are affected. For example, paraplegia involves the loss of motor control or feeling in the lower half of the body.

Paraplegia typically involves damage to a person’s spinal cord. These injuries are often permanent and frequently happen when the victim’s spinal cord is severed completely. In some cases, people can recover from some forms of paraplegia. Similarly, some paraplegia victims sustain incomplete injuries, resulting in only partial paralysis of the lower body.

What Causes Paraplegia?

Different factors can result in paraplegia. For example, sometimes diseases and other conditions could lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. However, paraplegia frequently stems from an injury sustained in an individual’s neck or back.

These types of injuries can occur in a variety of ways. Most often, paraplegia results from an impact on a person’s back or neck that severs their spinal cord, usually in sporting incidents, slip and falls, or motor vehicle accidents. A skilled Dallas attorney could review the facts of a paraplegia injury case and fight to get the victim the maximum compensation for the harm they experienced.

Recoverable Compensation in a Paraplegia Injury Claim

Sadly, living with paraplegia comes at a high price—not only financially but also physically and emotionally. With the assistance of an experienced lawyer in Dallas, a victim could determine the true value of their paraplegia claim. Available damages in these cases could include the following:

Past and Future Medical Bills

The medical costs associated with paraplegia can be staggering. Unlike some injuries, the permanent nature of most paraplegia injuries can result in high medical bills that pile up over time. However, a claim could demand restitution for the victim’s past and future medical costs.

Lost Wages

Many people living with paraplegia struggle to return to work following their injury. The inability to work could quickly result in a steep decrease in wages, affecting both the victim and their family. Lost wages are often a significant part of an injury lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

Although paraplegia injuries involve the loss of sensation and motor control, the victim will often suffer significant pain. For example, nerve damage can result in chronic pain. A monetary award could be available based on the severity of the injury victim’s pain.

Speak With a Capable Paraplegia Injury Attorney in Dallas for Help

When you are living with paralysis due to the reckless actions of another person, they could be liable for your injuries and subsequent losses resulting from their negligence. Often, a successful personal injury lawsuit could be the best option for holding them accountable.

Now is the time to seek legal guidance. Reach out to a seasoned Dallas paraplegia injury lawyer right away to schedule a private consultation and begin working on your claim.