Steps to Take After a Fort Worth Bus Accident 

Like many cities across the United States, Fort Worth has a robust public and private transportation system. Buses play an important role in the city’s infrastructure as mass transportation is essential for Texans to commute to work and safely get their children to school.

Although public transportation is safer and more regulated than before, accidents involving buses are still common and more dangerous than typical motor vehicle collisions. Additionally, the risk of injury is higher because buses do not have safety measures like seatbelts and carry multiple passengers. As a result, victims often suffer serious physical and emotional injuries in the aftermath of a bus accident.

If you suffered harm in a bus collision in Fort Worth, you should seek the assistance of a reputable attorney immediately. A trained bus accident lawyer can outline steps to take after a Fort Worth bus accident and determine the responsible party and receive adequate compensation.

Seek Medical Care Immediately

First, bus accident victims should immediately seek medical care for their injuries. Victims of bus accidents suffer from mild to serious injuries, including death. For severe injuries, victims should call 911 and seek treatment at the emergency room as soon as possible.

Insurance companies and juries will likely examine the victim’s medical bills and other expenses when determining the scope of a victim’s injuries and the amount of compensation. Promptly seeking treatment for injuries ensures proof of the injury and treatment cost, which makes proving compensation easier.

Report the Accident to the Police

It is important to contact the local authorities when a bus collision occurs. Law enforcement will determine the cause of the accident, obtain the driver’s and other witnesses’ contact information, and list other relevant information in their report. When bringing a claim for damages, it is vital to know the cause of the accident and to have a copy of the accident report.

The local police department will also take the driver’s contact information and statements from other witnesses. In many cases, the eyewitness testimony is crucial to establishing the cause of a bus accident.

Avoid Discussing a Claim with Insurance Companies or Potential Witnesses

Bus accident victims should refrain from discussing an accident with insurance providers or accepting a settlement offer before speaking to a legal representative. Insurance companies often try and settle a case for less than what an injured victim deserves. Discussing specific injuries and the circumstances of the collision with a knowledgeable lawyer in Fort Worth protects victims from accepting an inadequate settlement offer. To the extent possible, victims should also refrain from contacting potential witnesses of the accident, especially if the case goes to court.

Contact a Fort Worth Attorney to Speak About Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

If you were involved in a bus accident in Fort Worth, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, report the accident to law enforcement immediately, and refrain from discussing the case with insurance providers or potential witnesses until you have met with a skilled attorney.

Bus accidents claims can be overwhelming. However, a lawyer who regularly handles bus accident cases could help ensure maximum compensation for victims and their families. Contact a legal team member today to review your case and discuss filing a claim for damages.