School Bus Accidents in Fort Worth

Texans rely on school buses to safely transport their children to and from school. Unfortunately, collisions involving these vehicles sometimes occur. While extremely rare, school bus accidents can have devastating impacts on victims and their families.

School bus crashes are typically caused by a bus driver’s negligence or another motorist’s careless actions. However, unlike other vehicles, school buses do not have safety precautions like seatbelts. Therefore, these crashes frequently lead to catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical care. If your child suffered harm in a school bus accident in Fort Worth, reach out to a dedicated crash attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Injuries That Results from School Bus Accidents

Unfortunately, small children are usually the victims of school bus crashes. Common injuries that victims suffer in these collisions include:

School bus accident victims often face physical injuries after the collision as well as emotional consequences like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Regardless of the injury, contact a skilled lawyer in Fort Worth to discuss financial compensation if your child suffered injuries in a crash with a school bus.

Determining Liability in School Bus Collisions

School bus accidents are complex cases to fight, and it is sometimes difficult to prove liability for these incidents without an adequate investigation. In many cases, a child is run over while boarding a school bus because a motorist fails to follow a bus’s signals. However, while most of these crashes occur due to another person’s negligence, many school bus operators share responsibility for accidents.

Bus drivers are common carriers in Texas, and many riders rely on these vehicles to get them safely to their destination. That said, when a school bus driver causes an accident, the law holds them to a higher standard of care. If your child suffered injuries in a school bus collision, a hardworking and diligent attorney in Fort Worth could carefully investigate the circumstances of the wreck to determine who bears liability.

Limitations on Compensation for School Bus Crash Victims

In Texas, there are limits on the amount a school bus accident victim can recover for bodily injury or death. For example, according to Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 101.023, the liability of the local school district is limited to monetary damage and cannot exceed $100,000 for each person and $300,000 for each occurrence of bodily injury or death.

An experienced school bus accident attorney in Fort Worth can determine the appropriate entity to sue and help victims obtain the maximum compensation based on their injuries.

Contact a Fort Worth Attorney to Discuss School Bus Accidents Today

If your child suffered injuries in a school bus accident in Fort Worth, they are likely facing significant physical and emotional feats. Additionally, you might struggle to pay for your child’s medical expenses. Fortunately, a diligent attorney could help you through the process of filing a claim and get you the compensation you and your child deserve.

Our tenacious legal team members are committed to helping injured victims fight for justice. Contact a Fort Worth school bus accident attorney to schedule a consultation today.