Drunk Driving Bus Accidents in Fort Worth

Drunk driving bus accidents in Fort Worth result in devastating consequences for victims and their families. Although rare, these collisions usually occur due to a bus driver or third party’s negligence. If you suffered injuries in a bus crash because of the recklessness of an intoxicated driver, you might be entitled to compensation.

A skilled bus accident lawyer can explain the process of filing a claim against a drunk driver, whether it is the bus driver or a third party. Bus accidents involving drunk drivers are complicated, but a hardworking legal representative can determine the appropriate person to sue for your injuries and negotiate with insurance companies for the compensation you deserve.

Holding a Bus Driver or Their Employer Liable for Drunk Driving

When bus drivers choose to drink and drive, breaching their duty of care to passengers, they subject themselves to criminal penalties and civil lawsuits. An injured victim can file a claim against the driver’s private insurance provider when the bus driver is an independent contractor.

Victims can also sue a bus driver’s employer if they work for a private company or government entity. The relevant legal doctrine, known as respondent superior, means that if a bus driver consumes alcohol during the scope of their employment, the employer assumes liability for the worker’s wrongdoing. To learn more about how to hold these parties accountable, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney in Fort Worth.

Third-Party Drunk Driver

When bus accident victims suffer injuries from a third-party drunk driver, they must sue the motorist to recover compensation. However, in Fort Worth, liability is rarely an issue in intoxicated driving bus collision cases. For example, the person driving under the influence of alcohol will bear most, if not all, of the responsibility for the crash.

In many cases, insurance providers will settle with victims to avoid taking the case to trial. A seasoned lawyer can negotiate with the drunk driver’s insurance provider to ensure maximum compensation based on the insurance policy and relevant law.

Types of Damages in a Drunk Driving Bus Accident Lawsuits

After a bus collision with a drunk driver in Fort Worth, victims typically suffer severe or even deadly injuries. Likewise, injured individuals usually require extensive rehabilitative care resulting in costly medical bills. Fortunately, victims can recover economic and non-economic damages based on their losses related to the drunk driving bus crash.

In Texas, two types of damages are available in a bus accident lawsuit to compensate victims for their injuries. For example, compensatory damages aim to repay injured people for the physical and financial damages they suffered in the accident. Compensatory damages include economic and non-economic harm like medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Judges also award punitive or exemplary damages to victims to punish negligent parties for breaching their duty of care and discourage others from doing the same. Section 41.003 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code provides that punitive damages are available to victims when the case concerns fraud, malice, or gross negligence.

Reach Out to a Fort Worth Attorney About Drunk Driving Bus Accidents

If you were injured in a drunk driving bus accident in Fort Worth, an experienced attorney could help you hold the driver responsible and get you the justice you deserve. These cases are highly complex but hiring an experienced attorney who regularly handles these cases can help ensure you get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Contact a legal team member today to review your case and discuss filing a claim for damages if you were in a bus crash with a drunk driver.