Fort Worth Child Injury Lawyer

If you are a parent, you do all you can to protect your child from dangerous situations and people. You expect some scraped knees, but no serious harm. Unfortunately, severe accidents still occur.

If your child is injured because someone else acted recklessly, contact a Fort Worth child injury lawyer to discuss how we might help you get justice and compensation from the liable party. A compassionate attorney can also negotiate with the relevant insurance company and will leave no stone unturned when representing your family.

Leading Causes of Child Injuries in Fort Worth

Children are more vulnerable than adults in some situations due to their smaller size and lack of awareness of hidden dangers. Children can be injured in vehicular accidents, drownings, poisoning, fires, and falls. Unfortunately, some accidents are just that; an accident. For instance, a driver who swerves and hits a tree trying to avoid hitting a child who ran into the road would probably not be liable for negligence if a child passenger strapped into a car seat sustains some bruises. A Fort Worth child injury attorney would investigate an accident to determine fault.

Negligence involves a person acting unreasonably. That act must cause harm to someone else. For example, a 2-year-old child’s caregiver who leaves the child unattended to chat on a cell phone would probably be held liable if the child climbs on a stool, lights a stovetop burner, and is injured.

Children are also injured through other negligent acts, such as:

  • Swimming pool accidents if a homeowner leaves children unattended, does not keep the gate locked to pool crashers, or does not maintain proper fencing
  • Medical malpractice, including injury during childbirth
  • Dog attacks providing the child did provoke the animal
  • Negligent adults in charge at school, at home, daycare, camp, or during sports activities

When Are Lawsuits Appropriate?

If someone else acts in a manner that a reasonable person would know is wrong, and a child is injured, a negligence lawsuit may be appropriate. Unsafe premises and defective products can also cause a child harm.

People who cause injury to others, including children, should be held accountable. Medical bills, pain and suffering, and future uncertainty in many cases warrant compensation to help make the harmed child whole. A local child injury lawyer is ready to fight for suffering children who deserve justice.

What is an Attractive Nuisance?

Children are often drawn to dangerous things, called attractive nuisances in legal terminology. In Texas, under its Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, even if children are trespassing, property owners may be liable for any injuries if the condition attracting the child is artificial and extremely dangerous. The owner must know or should know children would be attracted to the artificial condition and that it would pose a reasonable risk of danger. Also, the child must be too young to appreciate the danger associated with the artificial condition, and the expense of correcting the threat is far less than the risk involved.

Common attractive nuisances include abandoned vehicles and buildings, tunnels, and swimming pools. A Fort Worth child injury lawyer could advise if a child’s injury is due to an artificial and dangerous condition.

Defective and Dangerous Products Can Cause Harm

A product that causes harm may be faulty due to design, manufacturing process, or a failure to warn consumers of its danger. If a child is injured due to a product, such as a toy with small parts that can cause choking but no warning label is present, an action for negligence due to a defective product may be brought. Children have been injured in faulty car seats, cribs, caustic products without safety caps, and bicycles.

A Fort Worth Child Injury Lawyer Puts Your Family First

We understand your pain and angst if your child has been injured in an accident. That pain is made worse if someone else caused the accident by acting recklessly. Our legal team will put your family first and fight to get you compensation from the guilty party. Call today to speak with a Fort Worth child injury lawyer today.