Fort Worth Water Park Injury Lawyer

With the intense heat that can affect Fort Worth for more than half the year, visiting a water park offers many people a great way to cool off while having a lot of fun. The variety of slides, lazy rivers, and other attractions at these sites offer something for everyone, and knowledgeable staff can provide advice on how to have fun while keeping safe.

Sadly, injuries that result from accidents at water parks are common. It is not unusual for guests to suffer injuries while walking around the park and while participating in activities. These can result in harm that affects every part of your life. The most extreme examples can even result in drownings.

A Fort Worth water park injury lawyer may be able to help you if a water park’s negligence has resulted in your injuries. They can work with you to evaluate your rights as a guest, to determine if a water park was negligence, and to demand every dollar of compensation to which you are entitled. Reach out to a diligent personal injury attorney to learn about your legal options.

Common Causes of Injuries at Water Parks

As exciting as water parks are, they are extremely dangerous and can cause severe injuries. The most obvious hazard is the standing water that is always present in attractions, common areas, and restrooms. While parks can take great strides towards providing surfaces with proper traction, the fact remains that slips and falls are a common source of injuries. Tripping or falling can result in broken bones, separated joints, and traumatic brain injuries.

Visitors may also suffer serious harm if they get hurt riding an attraction. Guests could hit their head, fall off a raft on a lazy river, or get a cramp while in the water is at risk of drowning. The loss of consciousness that accompanies drowning for even a few seconds can lead to permanent brain damage. Of course, drowning can even lead to death. Those who have suffered an injury at a Fort Worth water park may be eligible to recover compensation for damages. However, they will likely need to work with a skilled attorney to prove that the water park’s negligence was the source of their injuries.

What a Plaintiff Needs to Demonstrate in Their Claim

Every business that opens to the public assumes a duty to keep their visitors safe. As a general rule, a water park must take reasonable steps to protect its guests from harm. A failure to take these steps that results in an injury may be cause for a lawsuit.

However, even if it is clear that a water park’s negligence was the source of a person’s injuries, that injured plaintiff may not be able to collect compensation. This is because many water parks have liability waivers attached as a condition to entry. These usually state that a visitor accepts all risk involved with entry and that any lawsuit for damages is invalid.

Still, the presence of a waiver does not mean that it carries legal weight. The case of Ramirez v. 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. outlines the requirements for a valid waiver. These waivers must state in plain language which behavior is covered by the document. Additionally, this document must contain the language of the waiver in clear, easy to read font. Considering that many water parks only place this waiver on the back of a ticket, or attempt to waive their liability through the use of signs, there is certainly a possibility that a court will invalidate these waivers. A seasoned Fort Worth lawyer could help waterslide or waterpark injury plaintiffs prove cases of negligence against these businesses.

A Fort Worth Water Park Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

Despite their popularity during the hot Fort Worth summers, water parks are dangerous places. The chances of suffering an injury after a slip and fall, during a ride down a water slide, or even as the result of poor security are all very real. In many cases, the park’s ownership may be liable if they did not provide proper protection as required by law.

Injuries that result from broken bones, separated joints, or even drowning can have a permanent effect on your life or that of your loved ones. A claim for injuries following a water park accident can demand payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional anguish. A Fort Worth water park injury lawyer could help you to pursue your claim. Call today to schedule a consultation.