Fort Worth Construction Accident Lawyer

It is nearly impossible to avoid construction in the Fort Worth area. From the ever-present repairs to new roads, bridges, and buildings, construction is vital to the growth and maintenance of the city. Unfortunately, this creates many hazards for motorists and pedestrians. The construction companies who oversee these projects have a duty to keep you safe from any unreasonable harm. A failure on their part may result in incidents that cause severe injuries and damages.

A Fort Worth construction accident lawyer could help your case if you suffer an injury while being on or near a construction site. A diligent personal injury attorney could explain the laws that govern your claim, evaluate your damages, and hold at-fault parties responsible for their actions.

Common Causes of Construction Injuries

Motor vehicle drivers could sustain serious injuries in a road construction accident. A failure to properly mark hazards may lead to collisions. It is not uncommon for drivers to suffer injuries when improper construction signs do not allow them to make the proper adjustments, especially at night.

Injuries can also affect individuals traveling on foot near or on construction sites. Individuals on construction sites are vulnerable to falling tools, malfunctioning machinery, or falls from great heights. Accidents could also occur due to falling debris, or from collisions with vehicles that are entering or leaving an active site.

Individuals could sustain serious injuries such as:

A skilled construction accident lawyer in Fort Worth could investigate the cause of the accident and help plaintiffs seek compensation for their injuries.

Liability for a Construction Accident

Construction companies and employees have a duty to protect all visitors from harm. A defendant who fails to provide this protection may be considered negligent. An experienced Fort Worth construction accident attorney must prove that the defendant did not take appropriate care to protect others from harm. However, there are instances where the defendant may claim that the plaintiff is partially responsible for their injuries.

The State of Texas follows the modified comparative negligence theory to assign blame following an accident per Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.003. For example, if a driver fails to follow detour signs in a road construction site or a visitor on a demolition scene does not wear the proper safety protection, they could be held partially responsible for an accident.

A seasoned construction injury attorney in Fort Worth could gather evidence and work to fight against allegations of shared fault to help the plaintiff recover more compensation.

A Fort Worth Construction Accident Attorney May be Able to Help

Construction companies have an obligation to provide a safe premise for all visitors, guests, and motorists. They must take all appropriate steps to warn visitors of any danger and to limit visitor access to controlled spaces. Many construction site accidents occur due to falling tools, uncovered pits, machinery failure, collisions with vehicles, or even worker negligence.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries. A Fort Worth construction accident lawyer could investigate the claim, calculate your losses, and help you seek the compensation you need. Let a skilled attorney help your case. Call today to get started.