Grand Prairie Child Injury Lawyer

Children are vulnerable to injuries because of their small size, soft skulls, and inability to assess danger like adults. Injuries could happen as early as the birthing process and could continue through youth as the number one cause of death through teen years.

If your kid is injured due to medical or other negligence, a dangerous toy or product, or on someone else’s property, dedicated personal injury attorneys may be able to help get you the compensation your family needs for medical and rehabilitative care. Grand Prairie child injury lawyers offer compassionate guidance during the legal process.

Negligence Causing a Juvenile’s Injuries

Some of the leading causes of child injuries are based on the negligence of an adult. For instance, motor vehicle accidents could involve kids who are not strapped into carriers or properly secured by seat belts. Drownings may occur when children are unsupervised at the beach or a pool, and poisonings could occur when adults fail to keep medications and dangerous substances out of reach.

For victims to prove negligence, they must show the defendant owed a duty of care, for instance, supervising the minor at a pool. The defendant must breach that duty—with the breach causing harm. A supervising adult who goes in a house to watch television, leaving a child in the water, may be negligent if the kid suffers brain injuries from nearly drowning.

Experienced Grand Prairie attorneys understand that each child’s injuries and circumstances vary. An injured minor may need a lifetime of rehabilitative care or may be back to their pre-accident state in several months. Each situation could investigated by a seasoned local lawyer to determine how much compensation a family will need to deal with the trauma. An experienced attorney could fight for the family’s rights and compensation that they deserve.

Dangerous Toys, Car Seats, and Other Goods

If a company designs, manufacturers, or fails to warn about a danger associated with a product, it might be liable for negligence as product liability. Youths have been injured in defective car seats, cribs, and other products meant to contain them and keep them safe. Toys could also be dangerous to a juvenile, who may disassemble them or swallow small parts. Companies manufacturing or selling these items have a duty of care—as in all negligence cases—to make sure consumers use them safely.

Dangerous Areas and the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Property owners do not have a duty of care to unknown trespassers, but they do have one to trespassing minors. Under the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, property owners are expected to know about dangers on their properties to which kids could be attracted. Swimming pools, construction sites, junkyards, and other seemingly inviting destinations should be fenced and gated to keep out and protect juveniles. A Grand Prairie attorney could further explain the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine and how it may apply to a particular child injury case.

Call a Grand Prairie Child Injury Attorney to Help You Now

Kids are vulnerable to injuries during the critical birth process and until their bodies are more mature. Even though accidents happen, your injured child deserves compensation to help during the healing process if someone else is at fault.

If your kid suffered an injury through someone else’s reckless act or from a defective toy or attractive nuisance, call a Grand Prairie child injury lawyer today. Experienced and caring attorneys could help get you seek the compensation your family deserves.