Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Grand Prairie

Those who have been injured in a motor vehicle crash often make mistakes that could affect their chances of recovering compensation in a personal injury case. It is best to speak to an experienced attorney to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Grand Prairie. A knowledgeable car accident attorney could advocate on your behalf and help you get compensation for damages.

Admitting Fault At The Scene Of a Car Accident

Those who have been involved in an accident should never admit fault at the scene, even if it was their fault. Do not say too much at the scene, even if it is something as innocent as apologizing to the other person because that could be construed as admitting fault. And that could potentially negatively impact their case.

It is a crucial mistake to admit fault because it can be held against an individual later by the insurance company. That can be recorded by the other driver. One never knows that someone is recording on a dashcam, which can be used against them later. The risk of apologizing is that admitting fault can be misinterpreted, and therefore pursuing an injury claim after an admission is going to make things more difficult.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment after a car crash is a mistake because it negatively impacts the case value. If the injured party gets immediate medical treatment and they go by ambulance to the emergency room, there is going to be a record. A police report is made if they get in an ambulance. And the hospital is going to make a record that they immediately sought treatment for any injuries.

Often, one’s adrenaline is pumping so hard right after the collision, and people are unaware of injuries that might have been sustained due to the adrenaline. Additionally, if they suffered a concussion, they might not be thinking clearly. Also, injured parties are usually unaware of internal injuries immediately following a collision. Seeking immediate medical attention is always advised, even if they don’t think they need it. It’s always good to get checked out.

Failing To Follow The Doctor’s Orders Or Follow Up With Medical Treatment

Failing to follow the doctor’s order or following up with medical treatment is considered being noncompliant with the care. It is an indication to the insurance company that the injured individual is not too concerned with their injuries if they’re not following the doctor’s orders and making their medical appointments.

Also, having gaps in medical treatment makes it look like the claimant is not concerned about their injuries, either. People who are injured get treatment and follow doctor’s orders, and they continue the treatment as directed in order to fully recover.

How Can A Treatment Gap Hurt a Person’s Case?

A gap in treatment can hurt a person’s case because it is viewed negatively by the insurance company. They may even say that the individuals have injuries or are unrelated to the accident if the gap was large enough. It is important to seek treatment for injuries right away to reduce long-term damage to the body. For instance, on a traumatic brain injury (TBI) without treatment, the injury continues to worsen over time. If there is a gap in treatment on a case, that can be very harmful, not only to the individual but to the case value.

The Danger In Giving Recorded Statements To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Never ever give a recorded statement without speaking to their attorney. The other insurance company is not their friend. Insurance companies have a financial interest in protecting the interest of themselves and their client. An insurance company represents both interests by doing two things as much as they can. First, they deny the maximum number of car accident claims outright. Second, insurance companies will negotiate the lowest possible settlement on car accident claims.

The insurance adjuster will use their superior knowledge and tricks in order to benefit them. The insurance adjusters are trained in order to get the claimant to say things that they might not think they are saying or willingly say. But the insurance adjuster has been trained on how to get information out of the claimant to help the insurance adjuster’s case and negatively impact the claimant’s case. That is why they should never give recorded statements.

Reach Out to a Car Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

Since the insurance company is experienced in handling thousands of car wrecks and they have attorneys on staff. You should get an attorney immediately as well.

A car accident attorney can help navigate the initial steps of dealing with the crash by investigating the claim, collecting and preserving evidence crucial for proving liability, such as videos and black box recordings. Lawyers can handle all the communications with the insurance company and assist clients in finding medical providers who will treat them, so they do not have to pay any money out-of-pocket. Call today to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Grand Prairie.