Grand Prairie Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Texas laws impose strict obligations upon nursing homes to protect the residents that live there and make sure they receive care that they deserve and require. The medical staff, administrators, owners, and management of these facilities have a duty to act reasonably and prudently in ensuring that all residents are free from abuse and neglect.

Sadly, elderly residents may still become victims of abuse and maltreatment. If this has happened to you or someone you love, it is time to reach out to a caring and experienced Grand Prairie nursing home abuse lawyer. A diligent personal injury attorney could help ensure the safety of elderly residents and work to recover compensation on their behalf.

Defining Nursing Home Abuse in Grand Prairie

Nursing home abuse can take on many different forms as per the Texas Investigations and Protective Services for Elderly and Disabled Persons Act. Although people often think of physical abuse in nursing homes, depriving residents of certain rights such as privacy, medical care, and socialization could also be forms of abuse. Assisted living home residents are at risk of neglect, sexual, emotional, and even financial abuse.

The family and friends of residents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse in a nursing home. Reasons for concern could include:

  • Scars, wounds, scratches, and unexplained bruising
  • Development of bedsores and ulcers
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Broken bones
  • Infections
  • Head concussions
  • Desires to be isolated from peers or unexplained changes in behavior

Nursing homes that are not kept clean and updated might also be likely places where abuse likely occurs. Family and friends should be on the lookout and speak up if they see something that is not right. Individuals should hire a Grand Prairie attorney to help handle the evidence against an assisted living facility and stand up for the rights of their elderly loved one.

Criminal Versus Civil Assisted Living Facility Neglect Cases

It is important for residents and their friends and family to understand that the state can pursue a criminal case against the facility and its employees with the help of a Grand Prairie attorney. At the same time, a civil case could be brought against the negligent nursing home. Each case is independent of each other, although a successful criminal case could help a civil case to be successful.

With a criminal case, the defendants could be given prison time, fines, community service, restitution, and licensing sanctions if they are found guilty. Whereas, if a civil case is successful against the defendants, the judge or a jury could award monetary damages to the victim and their family for the suffering they endured.

Get Help from a Grand Prairie Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you notice any signs of abuse, reach out to a skilled Grand Prairie nursing home abuse lawyer. You could schedule a case consultation to determine if your case has merit and what it might be worth. Call today to learn more about assisted living home maltreatment and how an experienced attorney could help.