Safety and Preventative Measures For Motorcyclists in Grand Prairie

Motorcyclists should take all precautions and follow all safety measures to avoid a collision when on the road. Some safety measures people can take to help prevent motorcycle accidents include safe driving and defensive driving. Motorcycle riders should check their tires, brakes, fluids, electronics, mirrors, chassis parts as well as their kickstand. It is essential to know the safety and preventative measures for motorcyclists in Grand Prairie to avoid an accident. Speak to a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney to learn about the steps you can take to avoid a collision.

Precautions Automobile Drivers Can Take To Help Prevent A Motorcycle Accident

There are several precautions drivers can take to help avoid a collision with a motorcyclist. Drivers should:

  • Pay attention when they are driving
  • Do not drive distracted
  • Avoid texting
  • Stay alert

What is The Recommended Lane Positioning and Lane Changing?

The recommended positioning for a motorcyclist is to put them in a position where they are most visible to the other drivers on the road.

Lane Changing

Motorcyclists should make sure there is a clear gap in the traffic, then move safely and smoothly into the desired lane while maintaining space in the flow of traffic, so no other vehicle is forced to slow down, speed up or change lanes to avoid a collision.

What Are The Recommended Practices to Avoid Being in The Blind Spot of Other Drivers?

Practice defensive driving and know where they’re at in relation to the other passenger cars and keep themselves out of the blind spot, which is over their shoulder, looking back.

What Should Motorcyclists Do In An Emergency?

In an emergency, motorcyclists should not swerve and brake at the same time. Braking and swerving each above themselves demand traction from their tires, so doing both at the same time, they exceed the traction limit of their tires and cause skidding.

Swerving generally requires less distance to avoid the obstacle and is often a better option provided that they are sure that they will not lose control. It is a case by case basis to know whether swerving or over a quick turn is going to be the best maneuver, and the experience of the driver is going to come into play as to the best course of action to take.

Dealing With Hazardous Weather Conditions

The driver should plan ahead, allowing more time to get to their destination because problems that could be encountered could be increased roadway capacity because of inclement weather or disruption in traffic if there is a collision already on the roadway because of the weather conditions, and then speed reductions occur in rain, sleet, snow, and fog. All those can reduce the speed, which, again, they should allow more time to get to their destination. Drivers have a duty of care, and that includes taking into account the weather.

The Use Of a Motorcycle Helmet

Often, insurance carriers are going to look at whether the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. Although it is not a law here in Texas to wear a helmet, but the insurance companies look favorably on those who wear helmets. Even if the insurance company tries to make an issue out of the lack of helmet, an attorney could help make sure it does have no bearing on a case.

Steps To Take Following A Motorcycle Accident

The first thing a motorcyclist should do following a crash is to remove themselves from any further harm if they are still in the middle of the roadways to get to a safe position if they are able. And there are usually injuries as a result of a motorcycle crash, so we would recommend that they get checked out at the ER, possibly would require an ambulance ride.

If they are able at the scene, go ahead and collect information from the other parties to be able to get in contact with them, names, phone numbers, emails, insurance information, as well as all that if there are any witnesses available.

What Information Should Motorcyclists Have On Them?

They should have their driver’s license as well as their insurance card. It would also help if they have written down any medications they are taking as well as any pre-existing medical conditions that they have or any other pertinent information.

Let a Local Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help

The motorcycle laws apply to the motorcycles is the same as they do to every other passenger car. It is best to always wear a helmet, wear the appropriate gear, follow the traffic rules, ride defensively, and keep their education up, be awake and sober and prepare appropriately for their ride. Call today to learn more about the safety and preventative measures for motorcyclists in Grand Prairie.