Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Grapevine

Under Texas state law, bicyclists are considered equal to motor vehicle drivers in terms of the rights they have to a safe amount of space on the road and the traffic laws they are required to follow. However, several unique traffic laws exist for bicyclists in Grapevine, none of which apply to motor vehicle drivers. Knowing these rules is essential to riding safely and lawfully.

A knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer could explain these laws in further detail and offer guidance in the event that a vehicle driver’s violation of traffic laws causes you to wreck on your bike. Below are some fundamental rules that Texas bicyclists should be aware of before heading out on the road.

Riding on Active Roadways

Bicyclists in Grapevine and around Texas can legally ride on roadways with other motor vehicles, provided that they ride as close as possible to the right edge of the road, especially when traveling slower than surrounding traffic. However, there are some exceptions to this rule where bicyclists can use an entire lane of traffic, most notably including:

  • When preparing to turn left onto a private driveway or at an intersection
  • When passing another vehicle traveling in the same direction
  • When the traffic lane is not wide enough for bicycles and motor vehicles to travel safely side by side, as well as when no designated bike lane is available
  • When unsafe conditions on the road prevent bicycle riders from safely riding close to the right-hand curb or edge of the road

When bicyclists travel on a one-way roadway with two or more marked lanes, they may ride as near as safely possible to the left edge of the road instead of the right. Furthermore, multiple bicyclists riding together may ride two abreast within a single lane of traffic, provided they do not impede normal traffic flow to an unreasonable degree.

Signaling Turns

According to traffic laws in Grapevine, bicyclists must use hand motions as turning signals by extending their left arm horizontally to signal a left turn or by extending their left arm upward or right arm horizontally to signal a right turn. Bicyclists preparing to stop should likewise signal by extending their left arm and hand downward.

Riding with Appropriate Equipment

All bikes ridden on public roads in Grapevine must have functioning brakes that can make the bike’s wheel skid on level, dry, and clean pavement upon application of the brakes. When riding at nighttime, bicyclists must ride with a headlamp emitting white light visible from at least 500 feet in front of their bicycle and a red reflector or lamp visible—respectively—from at least 300 feet or at least 500 feet from behind the bike.

Speak With a Seasoned Attorney in Grapevine About Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

The rules above are a broad overview of traffic laws for bicyclists in Grapevine but are not comprehensive. That said, when you have questions about how state laws govern bicycle riders, speaking with seasoned legal counsel may be a good way of getting the information you need.

Likewise, when another driver violates traffic law and injures you on your bicycle, a bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue civil action against them. Call today to learn more and schedule a consultation with our legal team members.