Grapevine Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When a car or truck hits someone on a bicycle, it is not hard to figure out which vehicle operator is at the greatest disadvantage. Bicycle accidents frequently result in serious injuries in Grapevine, and this is especially tragic when the accident could have been prevented if only a driver had exercised reasonable care.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, your first priority should be physical recovery. It is important to get the best available medical care and to follow doctors’ instructions.

However, you should also give some thought to the ways your injuries will impact your future. A Grapevine bicycle accident lawyer could help assess the situation and determine whether you may be entitled to compensation to make up for losses and provide for needs. Assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer could help shift some of the burden onto the party responsible for the accident

Time to Act is Limited

It is wise to avoid much delay before considering issues related to legal liability. While it may seem appropriate to wait to see how physical recovery proceeds before trying to seek compensation, it is actually better to begin laying the process for a legal claim as soon as possible. Evidence to support a showing of liability is best collected right after the accident. As time passes, the quality and availability of evidence deteriorates.

A Grapevine bicycle accident lawyer could start right away collecting and preserving evidence, investigating responsible parties, and taking other steps to prepare to file a legal claim. The state’s statute of limitations requires all groundwork to be completed and legal claims filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Negligence is Often the Cause of Bicycle Accidents

Most of the time, when a motorist in Grapevine collides with a bicyclist, the driver of the car does not intend to cause harm. Accidents are just what the name implies – the damage is caused accidentally. However, just because a driver lacks the intent to cause injuries does not mean that they are not responsible for causing those injuries.

Under the legal theory of negligence, someone who fails to fulfill a duty of care owed to others may be held liable for the losses that result from that failure. For example, Texas Transportation Code §545.053 requires drivers of cars, trucks, and buses to allow a “safe distance” when passing a bicycle on the road. When a driver comes too close and fails to fulfill the responsibility, they should be liable for the injuries that result.

A skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Grapevine could assess liability for an accident and the parties who may be held legally responsible. If the injured bicyclist also shares some of the responsibility, that contributory negligence will not prevent them from recovering damages unless they bear more than 50 percent of the fault.

Consult a Grapevine Bicycle Accident Attorney

You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills, meet future needs, make up for lost wages, and offset the pain and suffering you endured because of a bicycle accident. A consultation with an experienced Grapevine bicycle accident lawyer could provide you with information about the potential of your case, and how to avoid mistakes that might jeopardize your ability to recover.

A personal injury claim after an accident should not be considered a means to profit from tragedy but rather a method of ensuring that those responsible for causing harm bear at least some of the burden. Establishing liability for an accident can lead to safer roads and prevent similar accidents in the future. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case.