What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Grapevine

Whether you are hit by a negligent driver or end up in an accident caused by the poor design or maintenance of riding paths, getting injured while bicycling can be immensely disruptive to your life. With all the stress you may be dealing after an incident like this, it is more than understandable to be unsure about exactly what you should do to protect your legal right to pursue compensation for your losses.

If you have questions regarding what to do after a bicycle accident in Grapevine, speaking with a skilled bicycle accident lawyer could give you the answers and information you need. In the meantime, here are a few basic steps to keep in mind that, if followed, could substantially strengthen your civil claim.

Document and Seek Treatment for Injuries

The top priority of anyone involved in a bicycle accident in Grapevine or anywhere else in Texas should be making sure they are physically safe from further harm and seeking immediate medical attention for any injuries they have already sustained. Even when an accident victim feels fine and does not appear to have any serious injuries immediately after a wreck, it is wise for them to visit their primary care physician or an urgent care clinic for a professional diagnosis—especially since bike crashes can cause several types of injuries that do not produce obvious symptoms for hours or days afterward.

When a bicycle accident victim sustains injuries, they should take photographs of their injuries, collect all documentation of diagnoses or treatment they received, and follow instructions from their healthcare providers. This can be crucial not just to mitigating the long-term harm those injuries may cause, but to ensuring the injured person can obtain civil restitution for their injuries without having to worry that their own “negligence” is held against them in court.

Contact Insurance Representatives

It can also be vital after a bicycle wreck for injured parties in Grapevine to get in touch with insurance companies representing the person or people they believe to be at fault for the incident and with their own car insurance provider if they have one. Even when an accident occurs while a policyholder is riding a bike rather than driving in their covered vehicle, they may still have access to some benefits provided by their policy.

Collect Evidence of Fault for the Incident

Anyone in Grapevine involved in a bicycle crash should collect evidence indicating fault for the crash at the scene where it happened. Depending on the circumstances, this might include taking photos and videos of the area and of damage done to bicycles and vehicles involved, getting contact information from eyewitnesses, and obtaining a copy of police reports created by a law enforcement officers who responded to the incident.

Contact a Seasoned Attorney in Grapevine After a Bicycle Accident

Automobile accidents are traumatic events—even when those involved are fortunate enough to avoid serious injuries. When you get hurt in a wreck caused by another person’s misconduct, acting proactively and ensuring that the responsible party compensates you for your accident-related losses is vital.c

Guidance from a qualified bicycle accident lawyer could likewise make a huge difference in your prospects of getting a positive case result. Schedule a consultation by calling today.